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Main engineering is a three-level complex that spans decks 11-13 across the length and width of the ship. Within this area, the main warp core is centralized, with two ‘mini cores’ sitting on the far left and far right aft sides respectively. Access to all three can be obtained on deck 11, but is restricted.

The prototype slipstream core is also housed here, aft of the main core and towards the rear of the engineering complex, with restricted access on deck 13. Access is restricted by a triple redundant security system including voice identification, which, when granted, slides a retina and palm scanner into place. Upon identification here, the doors to the armored compartment open, logging access, date, time, and sending notification to the Captain of the vessel. Though comprised of three separate decks, the central part of engineering is more of an open bay area with catwalks allowing access to the other decks.

Enclosed rooms on the edges of engineering serve as the Chief Engineer’s office, offices for engineering personnel as needed, and meeting rooms for teams working on specific projects. Engineering labs and holosuites are located on the outskirts as well. Two wholly enclosed and reinforced test bays near the forward part of the compartment serve as safe rooms for the testing of experimental or unknown tech as needed.

Notable Technologies

USS Excalibur is host to several experimental technologies.

Nano-polymer self adjusting resin

Used in the casings of the ship's most critical components, this specialized material has properties that allow it to adapt and shape itself to the long-term needs of its environment. For example, during a recent voyage to Thracian Space the material managed to improve the structure of the engines over the course of the trip.

SlipStream Drive