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Situation Room

The Situation Room is in actual fact two separate rooms: The Situation Briefing Room and the Situation Command Centre, located within the basement of the Embassy (along with the Intelligence Office, Chief of Strategic Operations' office, and the underground hangerbay).

Situation Briefing Room

All Senior staff have access to this area. Upon announcement that a major situation has developed, they will convene in this area for briefing.


The Situation Room is set up for conferences with the commanding officers. Each seat is designed for comfort with the added feature of a small writing desk.

Situation Command Center

Only selected officers with Beta Two security clearance have access to this room. See: Starfleet Security Codes & Data Access

This is the nerve center during any situation and it is here that command staff convene to receive advice during an emergency or major situation.

A long rectangular room, with one entrance to the right of its head. In the center is a long rectangular conference table where each officer has an allocated seat. Unlike the average conference room, each seat has a built in computer console - similar to those on the bridge of a starship. Around the table and all the surrounding walls are countless computer display screens monitoring numerous activities.

When a situation develops each senior advisor arrives in the situation command center long before the ambassador. They gather their information and take their allocated seats at the table. The ambassador then arrives and takes his seat at the head of the table and will receive reports from each officer. Around the side of the room are lower ranked officers from the departments who gather the latest updates.

Those with clearance to the command center are the Ambassador, the Deputy Chief of Mission, the Chief Intelligence Officer, the Chief of Security and the Strategic Operations Officer. Others may be granted access depending on the situation (eg. the Chief Medical Officer in the event of a biological attack).

When a crisis situation is not in progress, the Situation Command Center is a relatively calm place. Chief Michael Johaneson (Situation Room Supervisor) over-sees a small staff that mans the panels around the room and monitor a set of channels for developments.

Channels Monitored include:

  • All Starfleet channels and interstellar developments in Federation space
  • The status of the nearby USS Thunder
  • All local news networks on Duronis II
  • Local authority's communication systems
  • Surveillance of the Romulan Embassy
  • Surveillance of the Zalkonian Embassy
  • Developments in the Duronis system, and surrounding sectors
  • News from within the Zalkonian Suzerity and Romulan Empires
  • Local interstellar traffic
  • Whereabouts of all Federation citizens within the Duronis system and, where possible, those who have arrived and left via the Duronis II spaceports
  • Starfleet Command and Starfleet Intelligence priority lines.

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