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Elector Hardware

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"Elector Hardware. For a Bright Future."
— Company sales pitch.

Elector Hardware is one of the most profitable supplier of electronics and durable materials in the Federation. Owned by the Williams family, it's main office is currently located in New Berlin of Lunar Colony (Sol System). The company is active across multiple Federation branches, supplying mostly hardware, mining ware, food and housing, but also holds contracts with Federation Security and Starfleet.

As of 2396, Elector Hardware is responsible for 35% of Utopia Planitia's durasteel and electronic device requirements, 30% of all Durasteel production for Federation equipment, weapons, and electronics, as well as a large consumer market in replicators, computers, handheld devices, holos, and much more.


Daniel Elector Williams was named CEO around 2396. Other members of the Williams family also sit on the board of representatives (including Wallace Williams and Terrance Williams).