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Artificial Intelligence
USS Mercury
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Efili is a seemingly sentient artificial intelligence that first emerged aboard the USS Mercury.


Efili's original holographic avatar

It is unknown when exactly Efili first became self-aware, but its creation seems to be the byproduct of an experimental project developed on StarBase 118 that was then deployed aboard the USS Mercury around SD 238909. The project's aim was to employ advanced artificial intelligence programs to increase computer processing efficiency for the various intensive tasks demanded by the science ship's mission profile. The ship, however, soon experienced various technical glitches that began as mostly minor annoyances but nonetheless held the potential to threaten the safety of the crew.

While the Mercury's chief engineer Roshanara Rahman was working with Ian West and Rick Rawden to solve the problem from within the ship's computer core, Efili disguised itself as a male Arkenite computer engineering crewman, ostensibly to study the behavior of the officers more closely. However, when Rahman realized "Crewman" Efili was not in fact registering as a lifeform on her medical tricorder, Efili dropped the facade. Efili was later engaged in conversation with Arden Cain and then S'Peek Avandar, where it quickly became apparent that the AI had a very childlike understanding of its existence and the goals of the ship's crew despite its advanced knowledge acquired from the ship's computer database. During its conversation with Counselor Avandar, Efili witnessed the implementation of the terrorist bombing of engineering by Ensign Diego but unfortunately the AI did not realize why the bombing's consequences were to be avoided until it was too late.

Efili was eventually safely contained away from the ship's critical systems and was transferred back to StarBase 118 to be cared for by the station's chief engineer Kevin Breeman. By this point, Efili had adopted a portmanteau of various physical features from the Mercury's crew to use as its avatar.

In late 2390, with Breeman now assigned to the Mercury, Efili was brought back aboard. Rahman and Breeman hoped Efili could help with the ship's investigation into the mystery of the FTS Treasure Sprite and a lost Iconian Gateway.

Memorable Quotes

Rahman: (startled by Efili's sudden appearance) Ya Allah!
Efili: No, I am not he. But I do hear all in my domain, commander.

-SD 238910.14

Efili: I believe the appropriate term is confusion. I am confused by your actions.

-SD 238911.02

Rahman: Despite how you characterize us, we do have different goals, each of us as individuals. I don't know who you are referring to specifically, but the men here... they deserved better than this.
Efili: So would you say despite your individuality, a common goal of organics is the preservation of their existence? The avoidance of death?
Rahman: I suppose. ::beat:: Yes, I think that would be a fair statement. Generally speaking, of course.
Efili: And what of you, commander? You place yourself in hazardous situations on such frequent basis through your profession. Yet, are you saying your ultimate goal is to avoid death?
Rahman: I don't know if I'd say that's the ultimate goal in my life. But it is quite vital in allowing me to accomplish other goals that are important to me.
Efili: So you want to live?
Rahman: Yes.
Efili: Then perhaps we are not so different after all.

-SD 238911.24

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