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The Eagle’s Nest, originally the Wardroom, is a small lounge with wood-paneling on the walls and decorated with likenesses of various ships named Eagle and things related to them.

The space is divided into three areas; a bar with ten stools, an intimate dining area near the windows with 8 tables (1 eight-person, 4 four-person and three 2-person) and a small game room off to the side with a holographic floor that can generate almost any game up to the size of a billiards or ping-pong table.

Each of the three sections is decorated differently, with the dining room decorated with an 18th-century nautical theme in homage to the Schooner that was the USS Eagle’s first namesake in 1798.

The bar has an interwar (1918-1939) naval aviation theme with many black and white images of early carrier-landings by bi-planes on the HMS Eagle and has an actual wooden propeller from a Swordfish torpedo bomber (a biplane) mounted to the wall over the bar itself. Finally, the game room is decorated with an early space mission theme including photographs of the Apollo 11 crew and the lander module as well as other iconic moon landing images.

The lounge is part of the ship’s services division and is only staffed in the hours immediately after alpha shift ending or by special request.

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