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Four Letter Code DRYA
Federation Status Friendly
Planet of Origin Unknown, Raytas Sector, Gamma Quadrant
Encountered Encountered by USS Athena while exploring Raytas Sector.
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
List of Named Dryarians

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The dryarian are very concerned about their own people and those they have made allies with. At present, they have no interest in leaving the Gamma Quadrant where the Dryarian Confederation is located.


All Dryarians have very common physiology with minor differences dependent on the planet their ancestors came from. It usually takes generations for differences to show up.

Dryary Prime

The primarily habitable planet, slightly closer to their sun than Earth is to our sun, causing higher temperatures and more of a hostile environment. Because of this their skin has more reddish tints to it and can be a bit scaly. Eye color is also darker, with brown and red colorings.


Men’s hair tends to be in the dark hues, mostly red. Men however either due to the extreme temperatures or due to their own desire (shaved), frequently have no hair.

Women on the other hand have hair on the much lighter side, still red hued, frequently strawberry blonde or another shade of pink.

Dryary III

The secondary habitable planet, further from the sun resulting in much cooler temperatures and harsher environmental conditions due to it. The skin of those on Dryary III tends to have blue tints, and an increase of body hair. Their eyes are also on the lighter sides, ranging from blues, golden and greens.

Dryary Moon

A moon colonized by the Dryarians to allow a satellite government over both planets devoid of the hostile and harsh environments. Dryarians who have been on the moon for generations have more human looking skin, soft and colorless. Their hair is colorless, and if their eyes have color, it’s very light and faint, usually blue, green, gold or pink. It is not unheard of these residents to have dyed streaks of blue or red in their hair to signify either where their ancestry is from, or which way they are aligned.

On the moon is the Dryary Ministry, this is where the government is run from.