The Ravaged Systems (Athena)

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The Ravaged Systems
239311.07 - 239402.13

People of Note

  • Agragon Empire
    • Tyrx, Marshal and Commanding Officer of Cruiser C411.
    • Amari, First One of Agragon Cruiser C411.
    • Urik, Command and Control Officer of Cruiser C411.
    • Hrungnir, Fighter Pilot Commander of Cruiser C411.
    • Cerak, Praetorian Guard of Marshal Tyrx, Cruiser C411.
    • Urnod, Information Analyst of Cruiser C411

Notable Information

Mission Synopsis

The USS Athena left Sigaris III and indulged in some much needed shore leave. The crew also enjoyed a beautiful award banquet to celebrate the promotion of First Lieutenant McKnight to Marine Captain and the awarding of several awards to members of the crew. It was announced during the award ceremony that the USS Athena is taking up permanent residence in the Gamma Quadrant effective immediately.

Though shoreleave was not long enough for the crew, the USS Athena continued on its way into the Raytas sector passing the farthest point the Federation had explored at the time. All was seemingly going smooth until their vessel was pulled out of slipstream and ambushed by three unknown vessels identifying themselves of the Agragon Empire.

Though more advanced than the attackers, the USS Athena faced a deadly situation as the alien race did not utilize warp drive nor standard energy weapons. Their focused particle shields and kinetic cannons were causing severe stress on the shields and hull as they were not used to being pummeled by such projectiles.

In an effort to give them a tactical advantage, Captain Selene Faranfey ordered the ship to combat separate, leaving Lt. Commander Sabrina Holly in command of the after section on the battle bridge. Even though they have taken steps to protect the ship, the enemy had been able to get boarders aboard on both the saucer and aft sections.

First contact with an alien station proved alarming after it acquired nearly half of the USS Athena’s crew, attempting to use them to operate and maintain the facility.

Danubae Station L39 was a derelict hulk discarded by the Danubae, A massive, tiered installation with an unknown purpose, the station acquired roughly half the crew of USS Athena. Its goal was to put them to work aboard the station, using the personnel to operate and maintain the facility.

“Everything about this station is a mystery, and I do not like mysteries,” said Commander Tal Tel-ar about his encounter with the abandoned station.

“Either this station is a wildlife preserve or a city because people and hungry self-replicating jackal-wolves don’t mix,” added Marine Captain Amuro McKnight on the environment of the station.

The mystery deepened as Captain Selene Faranfey led an away team onto the station. An artificial intelligence, identifying itself as “Station Preservation Program Seven,” served as the initial contact. Using a sophisticated combination of airborne hallucinogens and brain pattern disruptors, SPP7 lulled many of the crew into an artificial dreamland in order to satiate them. Fortunately, the ruse was seen for what it was quickly enough that the away team was unaffected shortly after landing.

“We need to advertise more,” advised Lieutenant JG Lan Riel from the Intel Department. “Let the locals know we’re nice and helpful people. This way, next time they may just come and ask us for help instead of trying to mind-control us into it.”

Other crew members dealt with their own predicaments, attempting to regroup and explore while under the psychoactive influence of L39’s self-preservation program. Solving a myriad of technical issues under the command of Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly, they managed to regroup and establish contact with the other half of Athena’s crew.

When L39’s power core threatened to breach, the crew used ingenuity and rapid analysis to stop it, despite several dire setbacks. Another artificial intelligence, emerging in Athena’s computer network, helped to facilitate a working relationship with L39’s master program.

“This strange and wonderful station could jumpstart a number of new technologies for the Federation. That’s pretty exciting,” said Lieutenant JG Frank Hawkins, Athena’s assistant chief engineer.

Meanwhile, science officer Lieutenant Commander Hsina Amman, who was found stranded on L39, was brought in for some tough questions by intelligence after having mentioned some classified information, amongst other discrepancies. It is likely that they will have to work with Amman for some time because of the location and nature of the Athena’s mission.

Additionally, Faranfey’s parents prepared for a tour of the ship, and the captain took on two new officers: Ensign Ambrosia Hayley, Science Officer, and Ensign Niastrave Stone, Helm Officer.

“My first ship, my first crew, and I couldn’t be more excited,” said Ensign Stone of HCO before adding, “if a little nervous.”

Looking forward, Athena’s crew gears up for continued work and exploration of Station L39. [1]


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