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Lt. Commander Diata is an HCO officer aboard Denali Station.

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Denali Station


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Dbswirlleft.png Statistics Dbswirlright.png
Fullname Diata
D.O.B. 235804.04
Birthplace Earth colony II
Occupation HCO
Height 1.68 m (5' 5")
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Fluent Lang. Standard, Vulcan, Klingon
Telepathy None
Hobbies Tinkering, racing vehicles, rock climbing
Dbswirlleft.png Appearance Dbswirlright.png

Large brown eyes beneath carefully sculpted eyebrows, a slim nose, and full lips are set within a heart-shaped face that, were it not for the semi permanent frown upon the woman's countenance, would seem sweeter should a smile occasionally grace it. Wavy hair is kept cut fairly short, curling down about halfway her neck. Her ears have a flare at the tips, indicating Vulcan ancestry.

Dbswirlleft.png Personality Dbswirlright.png
Smart and calculated, Diata goes by the book and never strays from the rules and regulations. She knows what is expected of her and maintains the highest standards of conduct. She expects nothing less of her fellow officers. Short and to the point, she's been called 'cold' by others, but she maintains that she simply sets boundaries and expects people to respect them.
Dbswirlleft.png History Dbswirlright.png
Diata was born to a human mother and half Vulcan, half human father. They made their home on Varistis IV, a planet on the edge of Federation space near the Tholian assembly. In 2362, the colony was attacked by the Tholians and Diata witness her parents' death at their hands. She, too, would have suffered the same fate had the arrival of Starfleet had not been so timely. She was sent to stay with her only living relative, her Vulcan grandfather. Going from warm, emotive parents to someone so devoid of such things as feelings was quite an adjustment. While her grandfather was not unkind, he was a follower of Surak and quite strict, and she learned quickly to obey and not allow her emotions to control her. Although never an official follower of the teachings, she has since learned that it is best not to let one's emotions get in the way.

Showing an aptitude at a young age for navigation, piloting, as well as engineering, her grandfather encouraged her in these studies. When she was of age, she applied for and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. She graduated at the top of her class four years later and chose an assignment aboard the USS Constitution-B under the command of Xan Hebron. She was transferred to the USS Challenger in January of 2383, to the USS Archer in March of 2386, the USS Mercury in 2389, then was posted to the USS Jival in 2393.

During her time, she has been involved with a couple of men, but the relations soured badly. The first breakup with difficult, but the second almost killed her - literally. A fellow officer whom she trusted turned out to be a spy and, in his haste to escape Starfleet and attacked her. The USS Jival was soon after decommissioned and Diata found herself stationed aboard Starbase 118. After serving there for almost two years, Starfleet then transferred her to Denali Station.

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