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Deyvani Chandur is a reporter for the Federation News Service and was the last full-time reporter hired by Reza Kardgar before he resigned. Her cousin, Lilavati Chandur is a Starfleet Doctor.

Born in Riyadh in 2360, Deyvani was brought up on the Arabian Peninsula as well as all over Eastern Africa, the homelands of her mother and father respectively. While she did attend University in Riyadh for two years, Deyvani left school at age 20 to travel the galaxy, and has not returned to finish her degree. Deyvani took several odd jobs over the next twelve years and is listed on employment rolls for such varied institutions like the Alpha Centauri Chamber of Commerce, the Berengaria VII Tourism Bureau, Pentak's Bar and Grille, and the New Berlin police department. While she never aspired to be a writer, Deyvani put pen to paper after a friend convinced her to write about her storied life and interesting career choices. Her novel, "Aimless: A Decade Lived, Not Wasted" was a sleeper hit and went to the top of the Bestseller's list after Maronida Shiir oft-mentioned it in several of her columns. Part travel guide, self-help book, and spiritual developmental, the book struck a cord with many readers of all ages.

After the success of her novel, Deyvani wrote several syndicated columns for Solar Salon and was eventually hired as a full-time reporter for the FNS, largely covering large events.

Additional Information

Deyvani Chandur was created by Erin for FNS reporting.