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"Of course I'm going to fight! I'll fight with a rifle, a tricorder, my own hands if I have to. Someday this war is going to end and I'm going to fight to ensure that victory is some day very, very soon."

Dr. Lilavati Chandur, is a civilian psychiatrist currently assigned to the USS Gorkon. Formerly a Starfleet Lieutenant and a veteran of the Dominion War, Doctor Chandur once again resigned her commission after the deaths of Morgan Vance and the rest of the crew of the USS Thomas Edison during the Prometheus Incident. Taking a few months off to write her report about the virus, Doctor Chandur returned to Earth and her family before signing up again with Starfleet as a civilian contractor. Not fully comfortable in her uniform but feeling like she owed something to her old friend, Doctor Chandur took the assignment on the Gorkon as much for her sense of duty as to help herself work through her close friend's death.

Vital Stats


Full Name Lilavati Arundhati Chandur-Thangavel
Nicknames "Doc", "Nothing else if you know what's good for you"
Species Human
Date of Birth 234609.19
Age 53
Place of Birth Mombasa, Kenya
Hometown Mombasa, Earth
Gender Female
Languages Malayalam (Native), English (Fluent), Arabic (Fluent), Swahili (Fluent), Tulu (semi-Fluent), Hindi (semi-Fluent) Klingon (Conversational).
Religion Eastern Catholic (Malabar Rite)


Doctor of Medicine 2370, Starfleet Medical Academy
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology 2366, Starfleet Academy, Earth

Appearance & Personality

  • Height: 175cm (5'9")
  • Weight: 63 kilos (140 LBS)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Handedness: Right

Lilavati is a strikingly beautiful Indian woman in her mid-40s whose brilliance both mental and physical has not dimmed with age, stress or trauma.


  • Voice: Feminine but commanding, Lilavati speaks with a distinct cultivated Indian English accent.

Brilliant, Beautiful, Ambitious and Resilient, these are all words that have been used to describe Lilavati Chandur. To her, these words are titles and mean little and she would rather be remembered for her various deeds and not her individual traits. Mother of three, survivor of the Battle of Ricktor Prime, Carrington Award nominee, Lilavati prefers to be remembered for her truly amazing accomplishments and not words of praise blindly lauded and stamped on paper. She finds challenges and seeks accomplishment in everything she does. From medical school to motherhood, from the battlefield to the operating table, Lilavati has never rested on her laurels and there is much she believes yet to be done.

Personal Life



An expert dresser, with an unusually small closet, Doctor Chandur rarely wears the same outfit twice and dresses to impress. Favoring Indian or African fabrics in western designs, Lilavati's wardrobe is a synthesis of aesthetics. She rarely wears full Indian fashions like a full saree but in her day to day life is not usually found without a dupatta and she collects hordes of them.

Personal Effects

  • Peshitta:

The Syriac Bible, written down in Aramaic, occupies a special place in Lilavati's heart. Often quoted by her family, Lilavati never sat down and read the thing until she was in her late teens. She continued to mull the text over during her Academy years, seeking answers and she continues to read the text to this day, seeking not so much to understand it, but to learn from it. To her, reading over the words are like visiting old friends, ones she often sees for comfort and support.



Though a trained and licensed physician, Doctor Chandur has a surprisingly poor diet. With a taste for grains, Lilavati enjoys pasta and bread, eating them often. Attending the Academy also gave her a taste for "fast" food and fried things. How she eats her multitude of heavy foods and still stays trim is a mystery, but one of the first things she does when staying in a new place is reprograming the replicator.


  • Hobbies & Interests:

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Color: White

It might not really be a color but Lilavati loves white.


Lilavati was born to a Keralite Christian family long established on both sides of the Indian Ocean. Her distant paternal ancestors were merchants who arrived in colonial Kenya at the turn of the 19th century, though they had been long prosperous on the Malabar coast for centuries. On her mother's side, Lilavati's ancestry can be traced back to the Kings of Karnakata. Since starting a family of her own, Lilavati has carefully constructed an idyllic homelife for her family. Family dinners, outings, games and movies are cornerstones of her parenting style and attempts to create a cohesive family unit. Apart from the textbook terms though, Lilavati is a deeply affectionate and devoted mother and wife who always has time for her family.


Anik Thangavel

Anik Thangavel: A British civil engineer of Tamil descent, Lilavati and Anik were introduced to each other when Lilavati was staying the summer with an Aunt in London. Anik was quickly enamored with the Kenyan medical student but Lilavati stayed reticent for weeks before she allowed him to take her on a date. After two years, great distances and "a sickening amount of flowers", Lilavati accepted Anik's third marriage proposal. The start of the Dominion War threw off their wedding plans but they continued to remain in contact, with Anik even enlisting in Starfleet, saying that it would be "bad form" for his fiancé to be the one being shipped off to war. A year into the war and several harrowing battles, Lilavati and Anik finally tied the knot in a small ceremony on Starbase 375. After the battle of Ricktor Prime, Lilavati was feared dead for several days before her escape pod was found. A few months after the end of the war, Lilavati resigned her commission and returned to Earth, where she married Anik in a traditional c Syro-Catholic ceremony. During their years away from Starfleet, the two had three children together and Anik worked on several large irrigation projects on Earth while Lilavati finally finished her training as a psychiatrist. Those fifteen years were happy ones and their marriage is strong and affectionate.


Anil Thangavel

Anik and Lilavati's eldest child and only boy, Anil is very much his parents' child. Playful, intelligent and well adjusted, Anil has always been a strong child with the best of his parents shared traits. A boy rapidly approaching sixteen, he values his independence and privacy but jokes with his parents and likes to discuss with them intellectual or academic topics.


Anika Thangavel

Intelligent and strong willed, Anika has always been creative, imaginative and independent. A bit shy, a bit isolated, Anika has somewhat struggled in her development as a social being, especially at school among her peers. In this regard, Lilavati's training as a clinician and instincts as a mother diverge and trying to see her daughter from the difficult transitions of becoming a young woman has been one of her greatest challenges, one that is not yet over.


Roshini Thangavel

Raising a young child was always Lilavati's favorite aspect of motherhood. When she and Anik tried for a third child they got literally a little bundle of joy. Sweet, affectionate, sensitive and perceptive, Roshini's parents have doted upon her since the day she was born and they have only grown more attached.



  • Morgan Vance:

Lilavati's XO on the USS Nobel, Commander Vance saved her life during the Battle of Ricktor Prime. Spending nearly a week in an escape pod, the two grew very close and their friendship would last for 16 years. He was part of the wedding party at Anik and Lilavati's wedding and godfather to two of their three children. In 2391, when Vance was given command of the USS Thomas Edison, he sought Lilavati out as his first and only choice for the position of ship's Chief Medical Officer. Lilavati agreed to take up the uniform again, at least for a time. During this time, the Thomas Edison was assigned to the Piktar System and Prometheus station. There, they encountered an anomaly and a strange virus. This virus mutated most of the crew save for Lilavati, Chief Petty Officer Rand, and Ensign Eleni Kostas. After their rescue by the crew of the Constiution two weeks after encountering the anomaly, the anomaly began to collapse and it took the Thomas Edison and the infected crew with it, including Captain Vance. The death of her close friend hit Lilavati hard and after seeing to his affairs, giving his eulogy and accepting his flag at his funeral with full honors, she returned to her own family for a few months, heartbroken at the loss of her friend and so many others.

Starfleet Service Record

Serial Number: VS - 108 - 427
Training Facility Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, 2362-2366
Major Pharmacology
Minors Psychology
Commissioned 2366
Lilavati Chandur
Lilavati Chandur.png
Counselor - USS Gorkon

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