Delia Imari

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Crew of Deep Space 26


Lieutenant JG Delia Imari


  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Weight:
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Shoulder length, brown

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • Altera IX/1 year/indigenous Tursiops Truncatus study
    • USS Arizona/2 years/Dyson Sphere Analysis
    • USS Atlantis/5 years/Exploration
    • Current Assignment: Deep Space 26/current/Exploration

Delia Imari is the youngest daughter of Starfleet's current Chief of Interplanetary Affairs, Admiral Imari. As a Daughter of the House of Imari, Keepers of the Holy Diadem of Anu, she has had a sheltered, privileged upbringing. Despite this she found a life of noble engagements intolerable. Rather than spend her life as a social butterfly, she chose to follow her mother's example and join Starfleet. Delia is constantly at odds with her older sister Sulia, both trying to get their mother's attention and approval. Both Imari girls joined Starfleet hoping to gain their mother's favor, though Sulia has since resigned her commission.

Delia takes her Betazoid heritage very seriously, and strictly adheres to many traditions some more worldly Betazoids have abandoned. Her empathic talents are quite highly developed, although she would never use them on anyone without their permission.

Her pre-USS Arizona work was on Altera IX, working with dolphins. Because of this, she is a very good swimmer, and holds some of her medical degrees in the veterinarian areas.

She found working under Dr. Walker on the Arizona somewhat intimidating, but because of her empathic talents she was one of the few people that realized the eccentric doctor really was committed to helping people. Many of the crew were relieved at Delia's presence because of a reluctance to deal with the caustic Dr. Walker. Dr. Walker rather enjoyed working with the sweet tempered and sympathetic Delia, although he (jokingly) was constantly warning her against using her "Betazoid mind tricks" on him.

Personality & Appearance:

Delia is a slender young woman, with dark brown hair, deep dark eyes and a smile that would melt the heart of a Klingon targ. Many was a male cadet at Starfleet Academy that flunked a course or two because they were spending too much time fantasizing, and not enough time studying. Delia tends towards the shy side, and tries to divert attention away from herself, although deep down inside is an adventurous streak she attempts to keep hidden.


Although in her youth Delia enjoyed botany, she has since changed hobbies. She now prefers sculpting, usually in clay, although she is not above using more exotic materials if they make themselves available. Although her work is rather tame for Betazed, many in the larger universe see it as nearly pornographic. She says the decision to change hobbies came from her desire to "work with something that doesn't think back".