Sulia Imari

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Member of DS26 Support Staff

Imari sulia.jpg

Sulia Imari
  • Name: Imari, Sulia
  • Rank: n.a. (formerly Starfleet Lt(jg))
  • Service Number: n.a. (formerly E705-402 SS)


  • Species: Betazoid
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 47

Duty History

  • Starfleet Posting/Duration/Service:
    • SB 212/3 years/Stellar Nursery Study
  • Civilian Experience:

Sulia Imari is the eldest daughter of Starfleet's current Chief of Interplanetary Affairs, Admiral Imari. As a Daughter of the House of Imari, Keepers of the Holy Diadem of Anu, she has had a sheltered, privileged upbringing. Maybe because of this, she found a life of noble engagements intolerable. Rather than spend her life miserably floating in social circles, she chose to follow her mother's example and join Starfleet. Sulia is constantly at odds with her younger sister Delia, both trying to get their mother's attention and approval. Both Imari girls joined Starfleet hoping to gain their mother's favor.

Sulia does not take her Betazoid heritage very seriously, abandoning many traditions as other more worldly Betazoids have done. Her empathic talents are quite highly developed, although she would never use them on anyone without their permission. She also practices a form of ancient Betazoid martial art where empathic contact is used to predict a foe's action (as a contest between Betazoids, it is a test of mental control as much as a physical battle).

After her first tour of duty, Sulia realized that Starfleet was too rigid a construct for her personality. Much to her mother's disappointment, Sulia resigned her commission and left Starfleet. Science was still her passion, though, so she sent an application to the Federation Science Council's Personnel division. Within months she received an offer to work with Dr. Anson Robertson and his team. Knowing of Dr. Robertson's work, she quickly accepted and has been with him since 2379.

Personality & Appearance:

Sulia is a slender young woman, with dark brown hair, and deep dark eyes, like an imitation of her younger sister. She, too, had a smile that could captivate the hearts of male cadets when she was at Starfleet Academy. She still smiles, unless you talk about her family. Sulia is not shy, like Delia, but is an outgoing and friendly individual, though deep down inside she harbors some resentment towards her sister.


Sulia is dedicated to the work that she and Dr. Robertson do. Her background in genetics and biology have helped solve a mystery or two at an alien dig site. Personally, her fidelity towards Dr. Robertson is unwavering, as well. Though she has a small crush on the man, he is more of a mentor and father-figure to her.