Defenders of the Galaxy

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The Defenders of the Galaxy

“We play by our own rules now. We're sort of... "freelance trouble makers". "Misfits for hire!"... Ooh! We're Defenders of the Galaxy! That sounds cool enough..."”

Regan Wilde

The Defenders of the Galaxy are an independent group patrolling the Alpha Isles made up of a rag-tag collection of characters from across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Their leader is Regan Wilde, former Starfleet lieutenant turned independent wanderer. The Defenders are also a gang for hire, and will accept commissions of a non-lethal nature for latinum, providing the cause is just.

The Crew


Regan Wilde

After taking a temporary LOA from Starfleet in 2398, Regan fell in amongst a rag-tag group of misfits. Using the ship he won in a Dabo game - The Xanadu - they cruise through space offering their services against injustice.


Enya Avalon

Enya Avalon is an El-Aurian female with wild flashy makeup and hair. She is the most level headed of the group and acts as First Officer and Ops for the ship. She joined the crew after freeing her sister from slavery from an unknown planet in the Beta Quadrant.



A Brikar, the strong stony Tronk acts as the groups engineer. His tactic is to fix things by hitting them with the closest object he can find. He takes great pride in The Xanadu. He is currently in exile from Brikar for reasons as of yet unknown.



Zeff is a Pelian, and as such gets mistaken for a cute and cuddly little rascal. In actuality he's a hot-headed loud mouth with anger issues. He'll shoot first and ask questions later. He's also the most anarchic of the group.



Jenar is a Takaran. A quiet and dignified man, he acts - rather reluctantly - as the ships scientist and medic. A wise and polite man, he joined the team escaping from Orions after they destroyed his lab and killed his family.

The Xanadu

The Xanadu
The Xanadu is an independently owned and operated Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter. It's previous owner is unknown, but it was reportedly won in a Dabo game by Regan Wilde sometime in 2398.
Fast and maneuverable, the freighter is equipped with a Mark V warp engine and can cruise at Warp 5 for 35 hours. It's also equipped with phasers and micro-photon torpedoes, and a shield generator making it combat ready. It can also be equipped with a holomatrix powerful enough to generate a full bridge crew so it can be single manned for a period of time.
The ship's interior features a large, open main deck which serves as a cargo hold, with the bridge at the front and a transporter pad at the rear. To the sides are crew staterooms. The vessel is also equipped with a small science lab and a sickbay on the lower level, though it is somewhat cramped, as well as a dining area with replicators.


  • Owner: Private Ownership
  • Type: Freighter
  • Active: 24th Century
  • Decks: 2
  • Crew: 5
  • Armaments: 4 Type XI phaser banks, 2 Mark 7 micro-photon torpedo launchers (1x Front and Aft). Current torpedo complement: 0
  • Defenses: Deflector Shields



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