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Full Name: Daro
Current Rank: Ensign
Race: Bolian
Date of Birth: 235907.18
Place of Birth: Rasara, Bolarus IX
Gender: Male
Current post: Medical Officer, USS Independence-A.


Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Weight: 160 lbs


Career points of note

Was reprimanded on more than one occasion at the Academy for fighting or aggressive behavior. Most of these incidents appear on his permanent record.

During his first year of service after graduating, he was posted to Deep Space 17. A few weeks after he first arrived the station was subject to a terrorist attack by the Grendellai in which Daro was injured and out of action for several months. One of the explosions caused a bulkhead to fall near him which clipped his head as it landed, shattering part of his skull and destroying his left eye. He had to undergo many sessions of re-constructive surgery though was unable to have an eye replacement due to the excessive damage. Instead he has a small implant in his right eye which gives him the depth perception that he lost so that he can still work in medicine.


Mannerisms: Is quite blunt and can be overly aggressive in certain situations.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Is an avid vectorboarder, a type of Bolian surfboard. Like many Bolians he has an affinity to water related sport..
Likes: Vectorboarding. Competition, he has a very competitive nature.
Dislikes: The Grendellai. He hates them with a passion for what he endured and experienced during and after the terrorist attack by them on Deep Space 17. It is an unhealthy dislike and is clearly racist.
Ambitions and Goals: He is happy to meander along his career path. Although he sees the obvious advantages of higher rank, he doesn't like the increased responsibility that comes with it. He was put in charge of overseeing the final stage of construction of a clinic at a Federation colony for 3 months, and almost detested the responsibility. He is more happy being told what to do rather than having to figure it out for himself.
Temperament: Is a nice person though can be a bit too aggressive at times. His temper could be better controlled, though he has never done any real damage.
Mental problems (complexes and phobias): Harbours racist feelings toward the Grendellai.
Physical Limitations: Only has one eye though his right eye implant compensates. He sees the aesthetic issue as a limitation over any practical loss.

Religious Views