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Starfleet Medical

Captain, I'd like to announce the birth of a large baby ... something.

- Commander Beverly Cheryl Crusher, USS Enterprise

Personal Information
Fullname Dale McGregor
Date of Birth 234511.23
Age 55
Place of Birth Edinburgh, New Scotland
Race Human
Height 5'6"
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Short, Dark
Occupation Doctor
Specialties Alien Biology
Rank Lieutenant
Other Information

About The Writer

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List of Awards | Service Ribbons The Bajoran Campaign Ribbon received 238812.24 Extended Service Ribbons received 238904.15Gateway received 239012.24
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Doctor Dale McGregor is currently serving on the USS Thunder-A as a Medical Officer. He holds the rank of Lieutenant but very rarely uses it as he prefers Doctor before his name.
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Hobbies & Pastimes

  • Playing the Bagpipes
  • Physical Sports
  • Likes:
    • Team Work
    • Learning about new species
  • Dislikes:
    • Lazy people

Life Goals

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

  • Achievements
  • Disappointments
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Known Associates
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Avandar Missions:
Avandar Simms:
Hell's Gate [SEEDS ]
Garuda Missions:
Garuda Simms:
Visit to Neverland [WE'VE GOT A PATIENT TO SAVE!]
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