Craft assigned to USS Titan

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Captains Yacht


The Hyperion is warp-capable starship capable of acting independantly for upto two months. Its nacelles move down to their flight position after undocking from the bottom of the host starship.

Type 9 Shuttle

There are 4 such vessels on board

Type 11 Shuttle

There are 2 such vessels on board

FA-290 Fast Attack Space Superiority Fighter

These eight vessels aresplit into two flights, known as Crossbow and Longbow. They are kept in the main shuttlebay and are solely for use by the pilots of the Airwing. Because of this the maintenance and unpkeep of the fighters is conducted by specialist technicians assigned to the Airwing.

The FA-290 is equippd with four two pulse phaser cannons and two type VII phaser emitters positioned to the aft of the vessel.

In addition the FA-290's has three modular hardpoints, one located under each nacelle pylon and the other built into the underside of the primary hull. This allows the craft to perform a wide variety of mission types, and even carry specialist detection and weapon systems if required. The usual armament for the FA-290 is two micro-quantum torpedo launchers (with 16 torpedos each) located on the wing hardpoints and a counter measure & decoy package positioned in the other hardpoint.

The FA-290 is equipped with an advanced tactical sensor package with a secure Tactical Link to the host-starship and indeed any other FA-290's in the local vacinity. This allows the fighter crafts onboard computers to accept tactical information from a range of sources and even communicate tactical information back to the host starship.