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Last Mission


Titan's last mission has revealed previously unknown race of aliens. After this extremely hostile first contact, Federation might be facing the conflict with new, technologically superior, adversary.

Upon return to SB 118, weary Titan crew enjoyed two long weeks of R&R time. Some used this break to visit the family, others engaged in romance. This was also the perfect opportunity for four new senior staff members to settle in.

However, no amount of rest and relaxation could prepare the crew for their next assignment. Titan is ordered to escort the convoy of cargo ships with emergency supplies to remote outpost located in infamous Hades Expanse. In the last 50 years more than 60 vessels have disappeared without a trace in this region. Is Titan going to suffer similar fate? This is the one question on everyone's mind.


With the Captain rescued and the false Ranger in the hands of Starfleet the crew made their way home for some much needed R&R.

However, after a mysterious encounter with a Q, the crew find themselves back in action headed towards the Tholian border with orders to investigate the Skylon Science Station, which has fallen out of contact.

Without any real information on the station or the experiments being conducted within, and the constant questions of why or if the Tholians would attack floating in the back of everyones mind, the cre cautiously anticipate their arrival... and the unknown..


With the Captain gone and the hapless Admiral Novar incharge the USS Titan and her disgruntled crew made it's way to the Azura Nebula on a seemingly routine mission, picking Nova's brother up on the way.

However there is little chance of that as Flash's brother tries to take over the Titan and stumbles across a Reman warbird seemingly hell-bent on their destruction.

Just when things could not get any worse the USS Ranger, piloted by a brainwashed Captain Draigon who believes the USS Titan is a secret Romulan weapon begins to wage war on his friend's and crew. Will he realise or will he blow them into oblivion!


With the situation on the Rexel III now mostly resolved, all eyes turned to the missing personnel. With Security and Colonist teams sweeping the caves Anderson and her Cardassian friend were found quickly. However the only trace of the Captain was a bloodied piece of his uniform. Now presumed dead, the Titan has been ordered back to Starbase 118 where th funeral will take place.

With many unanswered questions still looming in the minds of the crew over the Captain's dissapearance and the unwelcome news that the Admiral is to take command, the crew will have to face the upcoming challenge without their leader.


After arriving at the site of the mysterious colony and meeting the Cardassians the crew set to work carrying out all the usual requirements of mapping the planet and sending and away team to the colony. Only the discovery of a small boy stowing away seemed different to the usual.

All looked to be going well until a mysterious computer virus disabled the titan and her fighters, threatening all aboard as her orbit started to decay. Fortunately Engineering were able to stabilise her, however the Ambassador was not so lucky, killed in his quarters by a mysterious assailant.

With rogue colonists having captured a fighter and successfully kidnapped the boy and the Captain, the away team on the planet and the rest of the Titan crew struggling to get her systems back online the future is everything but uncertain.


After a brief stay at Mckinley Station for much needed repairs, the Titan is on her way to the Rexel System, located in Cardassian claimed space.

Her mission, to investigate a group of mysterious Terran colonists on one of the planets. Also onboard is Ambassador Ditamasso, in the hope of negotiating a peaceful solution with the colonists.


Having left the Federation Diplomatic Service to negotiate terms with the Garran people the USS Titan has found itself at McKinley station, Earth for the first time in many months.

With several staff changes, the crew of the USS Titan are taking more than full advantage of their shore leave.