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Member Resources

StarBase 118 Member Resources

Looking for something fun to do?

Open to all


Publicity Team

Without the efforts of our Publicity Team, we don't bring in new members, can't expand our fleet or launch new ships, and have difficulty maintaining the fleet size. You can join this team to help us find and recruit new members. No experience required, just a willingness to help out. We have lots of little tasks that can be done in just 15 minutes to help bring in new people.
» Where to go: Publicity Team sign-up form. You will be added to team email list. See also: Publicity Team wiki area.

Community News Team

Our Community News plays a vital role in keeping our members informed, showing prospective members that we're active, and keeping our site fresh for search engine rankings. Members of this team draft one post a month for the news, which can include interviewing members of the fleet, writing about interesting content on the wiki or forums, or finding interesting science and Trek news to share with the fleet.
» Where to go: Team email list. Request membership to join the list. See also: Newsies Team wiki area.

The (Image) Collective

This team helps our members create great-looking character images, design new ship banners and logos, and keep our wiki and website fresh with interesting graphics. If you have any skills in graphic design, this is the team for you.
» Where to go: Team wiki area. Information about requesting an image, or joining the team, is available on the message board.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Long-term members can sometimes experience burn-out, and difficulty reintegrating after a Leave of Absence. This team discusses ways to ease the transition back into the group, smooth issues with our disciplinary processes, and make our membership rules more fair.
» Where to go: Team forum.

Podcasts Team

Every few months, our Podcasts Team creates and releases a podcast with interesting interviews with members around the fleet, and insight into the news that makes up our community. If you have experience creating podcasts, or would like to learn how, join this team.
» Where to go: Team forum.

Community History Team

If you have an interest in either our history as a group, or general Trek history, you might want to check out the Timeline Projects, which are intended to catalog our In Character, and Out of Character group history, including our "Captains Genealogy," showing the "parentage" of each captain in the fleet, all the way back to the start of our group. Open to all, you just need a willingness to help out with research and organization.
» Where to go: Team forum.

Wiki Operations Team

The Wiki Operations Team helps keep the wiki updated (such as on the Face List, crew history pages, various duty post sections, etc.) and harness the enthusiasm of frequent wiki contributors. If you're a regular contributor to areas of the wiki beyond your character profiles, this team can help build your skills and direct you to areas that need help.
» Where to go: Wiki Operations Team wiki area.

Affinity Groups

Duty Posts

Almost every duty post has a forum where you can talk with other members who play the same role, help expand our wiki resources for people in your role, and even do some simming with other members of your duty post.
» Where to go: Duty Post forums.


Guilds bring together members who play similar characters, or share an OOC bond. We have four guilds current: the Lambda Alliance (for LGBT players and their characters), the Readers Guild (for those who play telepathic and empathic characters), the Species Guild (for discussion of common and uncommon species), and the Characters Guild (for discussion of building and enriching characters).
» Where to go: Guild forums.

Events & Activities

Member Chats

We have all-fleet chats once a month, and some ships also organize their own ship chats as well. You can join in, and even help organize a special chat if you're so inclined. Members of the fleet also hang around the chatroom on a daily basis, and you can pop in to say hello.
» Where to go: Chats forum. See also: Chat site.

The Wiki

Build your character profiles, add to your ship's historical profile, and find resources to enrich your simming.
» Where to go: New Wiki User page to get started.

The Forums

Meet other members of the fleet and discuss various fleet activities. » Where to go: Forums.

Memory Book

Our Memory Book is a way for the real people who are a part of our community to leave a little of themselves behind by telling their own story. Participating is easy: Just follow the simple instructions to create a template page of the Memory Book, and fill in as much or as little information as you want.
» Where to go: Memory Book wiki area.

Rank required

Academy Training (Operations) Team

If you're a Lieutenant Commander, we need your help on the training team! Keeping up with regular training sessions requires a lot of enthusiastic members who can participate in at least one training group a month.
» Where to go: Talk to your captain and ask that they get you introduced to the Academy Commandant.

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