Cardassian Supply Ships (Columbia)

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Columbia Sent to Investigate Missing Supply Ships
Stardates: 238106.30-238109.28

Although it has been five years since the conclusion of the Dominion War, Cardassia still is far from the completion of their reconstruction project. With 800 million dead as a result of the war, it has been a long road for the Cardassian people. It is true that the Federation and most other Alpha Quadrant words recognize the new Cardassian government, but there are those who are looking to destabilize it.

As part of this destabilization attempt, Federation Supply Vessels that have been sent to Cardassia to provide medical aid and help to rebuild the planet have been attacked by unknown assailants. The convoys have been attacked near the Badlands as they enter Cardassian space. Starfleet is quite concerned about the situation on Cardassia and although the Prime Directive does prevent Starfleet from interfering in the internal affairs, it does not prevent them from protecting Federation ships. What concerns Starfleet is that no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, so they do not even know who they are up against. The mission is to find out who these attackers are, infiltrate their base, and gather intelligence.