ChevwI' tlhIngan

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"chevwI' tlhIngan", which translates to "Klingon (territorial) Wall", is a Klingon separatist movement that began as a sentiment in the Shoal’s Klingon colonies. As it became more organised it developed a manifesto that sought to form a Klingon Republic starting with the remaining three Klingon colonies in The Shoals, establishing VoqmoH'tuq as the capital. Followers consider that the Klingon Empire has lost its way. Their philosophy is to return to true teachings of Kahless and the glorious days aggressive Klingon expansionism. It is led by the former General Ch'otonn Bagorgh.

When Bagorgh arrived on VoqmoH'tuq after being demoted to the rank of Commander, chevwI' tlhIngan was simply an ideology but one she immediately backed given her loathing towards the Klingon High Council for her demotion and relocation. She turned it into a cause, became its leader, and developed plans to achieve a long-term strategy – a breakaway Klingon Republic. A number of Shoals based KDF officers (including high ranking ones) were sympathetic to the cause, with varying degrees of “membership”. Some high-ranking officers were her co-conspirators.

In order for chevwI' tlhIngan to have had any chances of starting a revolution, they needed resources – and the major criminal cartels that operated in the area had them. Bagorgh and her understudy Uyahlazeka Iqhawe had made a secret alliance with the biggest and most powerful cartels in the region, who had what they needed to enact a revolution. She knew it would be an “unholy” alliance, but there was no other choice.

If the revolution was successful, (former) KDF officers would be in control of the colonies and the cartels would have free reign to operate in their new territory, allowing them freer access to funnel narcotics, weapons and other stolen goods into the black markets of the Colonial Coalition territories.