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Cheron native
C bele.jpeg
Four Letter Code CHER
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Cheron
Encountered By the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (TOS: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield)
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N - Unknown but Spacefaring
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REV 239112.18
Extinct Species Notice

attention: This species is

believed extinct

Available data is limited


Long-lived extinct humanoid race. Often confused with Charon (The outer moon of Sol IX, site of the last battle of the Romulan War), Cheron was home to a largely humanoid race that had one significant difference from other humanoid races. Around half the population had skin that was black on the right and white on the left. The other half had the opposite configuration. One side pursued racist policies and enslavement of the other, eventually the civilization destroyed itself in racial wars. A small number of survivors of both races escaped from the planet in their few interstellar craft, they are locked in a perpetual chase to enforce their racist laws. Cheronian physiology had the ability to store and release an electric charge similar to the Ornarans.