Black Tower Mission 2

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“The better part of valor is discretion”

Henry The Fourth, Part 1 Act 5, scene 4, 115–121

Black Tower Mission 2 - The Tanir System

After finishing their mission on Romulus, the undercover personnel on the Zibala Cantus join the USS Lexington for another "sensitive" mission to the Tanir system, deep in Cardassian territory. While some of Black Tower's personnel were sent to Romulus, another group lead, by Lt. Col. Kyrl, was sent to Tanir II on a "mercy" mission to aid the exiled Cardassian faction, the Ch'kar. Underlying this mission is the ulterior motive of negotiation of an agreement between Starfleet and the faction. However, even before the mission began, it quickly turned into a disaster as the Galor Class Nalcajay which escorted the USS Tiger to Tanir II suddenly became the Tiger's aggressor. Coming under heavy attack, the Tiger was forced to retreat. In doing so, she leaves behind her CO and XO along with a security contingent on the Cardassian colony which the Cardassian occupied as they had massacred all of its inhabitants.

Due to the prolonged radio silence of the Tiger, Starfleet sent the USS Lexington to look into the Tiger's progress. The Lexington suffered the same fate as the Tiger as the Nalcajay did not hesitate in attacking the ship. Thirty crewmen were killed and the Lexington's CO was among those injured.

Taking command, Cmdr. Wessex orders 2Lt.'s Odea and Valkner to assemble the marine contingent on the Lexington to board and secure the Tiger from the Cardassians that infiltrated it earlier. Lt. Cmdr. Brandon Toullis, after escaping his torturous encounter on the Nalcajay, had resumed command of the Tiger. Despite his relief on seeing reinforcements, he prevents the transportation of marines on his ship believing that they would be more useful penetrating one of the Cardassians vessels in the area. Wessex overrides Toullis's proposal and sends Cpt. Larinson and 2Lt. V'doo to the Tiger also.

On Tanir II, while trying to evade the Cardassian soldiers in the underground caverns, Kyrl's team stumbles across and unknown alien military base and supposed that the base was what Starfleet was interested in. The team thought that they had found a "safe house" within the alien base until they found themselves surrounded by the Cardassian army.

Despite their predicament, 2Lt. nuH'bey had been able to overpower the Cardassians that controlled the Tiger for a time and commandeered a Cardassian shuttle to attempt a rescue mission of the Tiger's command officers.