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Azera SB118.png
Position Civilian Scientist
Rank Blank
Species El-Aurian
Gender Female
DOB 166410.22
Age 736
Birthplace El-Auria

“Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken.”

((Artwork by SnowSnow))

Azera is an accomplished El-Aurian civilian business woman, clan leader, and scientist currently living in self-imposed exile on the remote world of Cestus III. She is mother to Taelon, wife to Jakarn, and the effective head of the remaining Eccia-Cantavi bloodline.

As she is often keen to remind people, her full name is technically Imperatrix Azera, 113th Daughter of Cantavi, Speaker of the Second House, She Who Carries the Song. She frequently signs her documents in this manner.


Azera is considered something of a beauty, embodying the traits valued by her nationality. Like her son and husband, she wears many physical adornments, her body extensively tattooed. She has an impeccable sense of style, wearing well-tailored geometrically shaped clothing and elaborate jewelry. She cuts an imposing figure, having passed her height to her son and standing at 6'6. She's aged well, and looks younger than her husband despite being some two centuries older.


Before the assimilation of El-Auria, Azera was sometimes known as 'The Razor' - sharp minded, adept in her field, and single-minded ruthless in the pursuits of her house and family. A keen businesswoman, she expanded her commercial empire to the nearby sections of the Delta Quadrant, and was behind the design and manufacture of several new types of warp-drive ships as well as other technology. She took her heritage of innovation seriously - always striving to make things bigger, better, and more effective.

The destruction of El-Auria and her family as well as everything she and her ancestors had worked to build broke her, however. Her sharp mind turned to a dark, single-minded obsession. She retreated into a self-imposed exile, setting her mind to her task with a cold and careful focus.

She grew up the First Daughter and was the heir to her clan seat - she expects to be treated as such, having only recently entered a world where this is not so. To be treated as ordinary is quite the offense to her, and she has no qualms about repaying disrespect with blood. She cares little for the politics and morals of the Alpha Quadrant; she sees them as transitory and temporary, making her have no second thoughts about working with the underworld or about long-term effects of her work.

Azera wants her race's killers laid to utter waste, and she will pay any price to see that done.


Born on El-Auria, Azera's early life - indeed, most of her life - was what might see as ideal. She grew up as the First Daughter of her house, with the leadership of their clan to be hers once her mother passed on. As a child and young adult she learned with the best and began to carve a niche for herself as a careful politician, the sort of ambitious and driven person idolized by her house. When her mother died, she took the clan seat without incident, running her clan along with her own powerful corporation. Her firms made ships, drones, everyday technology for the people; she sat at the bleeding edge of El-Aurian technology, and was ruthless in ensuring she stayed there.

Before the Assimilation she had many children and several husbands, as was typical of an Eccia. With 9 daughters, 7 sons, and 5 loyal husbands at her side, she was poised to continue her record of success and progress - but the Borg invasion arrived, and destroyed much of what she had built and worked for over 600 years to achieve.

All but one of her husbands was killed or assimilated. Her children were all lost; Azera escaped after witnessing the forced assimilation of her eldest daughter Halina. She fled with the few she could save - her husband Jakarn, her sister and her sister's family, some of her cousins, a few ships of refugees, and some of her technology and data. She took some of their cultural heirlooms with her as well, but most were lost, as was the majority of her race.

Where she was expected to lead, she failed. The loss was too much for her and she dealt with it the only way she knew how: anger, and a plot for revenge. She retreated to the then-barren world of Cestus III and established her homestead and lab in a remote canyon, building herself a complex from which she hoped to create an answer to the Borg. She left her husband and sister and her people to their own ends. Seeing them just reminded her of what she'd lost.

Some years ago, Jakarn convinced her to have another child. This boy, Taelon, was one of the few pure El-Aurians of their blood born after the Assimilation, and his birth did little to mend her and indeed may have made her more bitter than before. She kept him with her and trained him to help her, their relationship fraying as her young and naive son's clashed with her aged and cynical worldview. She did not approve of his choice to leave or the fact he joined StarFleet, seeing him as a fool for both.

Her ruthless nature has made underworld connections inevitable. She lives in a well-hidden compound but will often leave it to trade her creations for whatever she needs, and to trade her legacy of knowledge for many components that are questionable, to say the least. She's no trouble enforcing her own safety and the deals she makes by spilling blood, and does so rather more often than her son or family realize.