Astraeus Pagrati Lounge

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USS Astraeus NCC-70652

The Astraeus' Ten-Forward lounge is named the Pagrati Lounge, and resembles the same location on the Enterprise-D, with the exception that the area behind the bar also has doors which open into an attached kitchen, usable by both crew and visiting dignitaries who wish to prepare hand-cooked meals. It has more a focus on tea and Brew Continuum coffee than synthehol, is decorated with underlit wooden tables and padded chairs sourced from massive trees on the Caitian homeworld, and also contains a large, hand-crafted metal table near the centermost windows at the front of the lounge.

The table is a gamma-welded combination of damaged structural members from the Astraeus herself, salvaged from damage sustained during the Dominion War, and one salvaged from the USS Chin'toka during its mission to protect the Lanaxa system from a rogue neutron star. The atomic structure of the metals have been altered in ways that only extreme stress from weapons fire and gravitational pressure can cause, and the combination of that and careful crafting has given it a beautiful pattern on its surface, alternating between wavy patterns of glossy gunmetal gray and burnished gold.

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