Armattin University

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The most advanced higher education facility on the Peppalexa homeworld, located in the Piktar System in the Menthar Corridor. The university is home to several advanced engineering and scientific laboratories, and some of the Peppelexa people's brightest minds.


Armattin University is located on an artificial island placed in the center of Armattin bay. Armattin City, the planet's second largest urban center, is located on a land mass located along the inner crescent of the bay, while the outer bay consists largely of narrow strips of land. The upper walkway serves as both a scenic overlook of Armittan Bay, as well as the area designated for incoming transporter traffic.

The campus itself is a massive skyscraper-like structure comprised of the lower quad, the central campus, upper quad, and administrative center. A secondary structure connected to the main facility serves as a residential facility providing comfortable housing and recreation for the university's 100,000 students, faculty, and staff.


  • Advanced Weapons Testing lab.
  • Xenobiology school.


  • Scion Kiren-El: Senior researcher and Scion to the Mestafar Council.