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Lieutenant J.G Arielle Teagan, a Vulcan/Betazoid, resigned.


  • Full Name: Arielle Teagan
  • Position: Counsellor
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Race: Vulcan/Betazoid
  • Date of Birth: 235305.30
  • Place of Birth: Hal'tha City on Xir'tan
  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T5/E5 Telepathic/Empathic Scale
Arielle Teagan

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  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 145
  • Hair Color: brown
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder length
  • Eye Color: dark brown
  • Skin Tone: Greenish-red
  • Birthmarks, Scars: none
  • Build: skinny
  • Face: thin, but full (not withdrawn)
  • Eyes: middle sized
  • Mouth: small
  • Arms: medium build
  • Legs: strong,
  • Carriage: shy
  • Poses: almost insecure
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): baggy
  • Shoes: none
  • Voice: gentle and deep
  • Handedness: right handed


  • Quarters: Horror, Arielle was never too tidy, but when neat is in question, she’s complete opposite. Her quarters are full of clothes worn once and left to wait there next time – storing it in wardrobe is just a nuisance.
  • Favorite Room: bathroom
  • Habits:
  • Mannerisms: When thinking often look nowhere, as somewhere behind the people or looking through them
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: IDIC
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: playing with dog, swimming
  • Likes: swimming, hiking
  • Dislikes: dark
  • Ambitions and Goals: She wants to be Captain as everyone who applied to Starfleet Academy, but don’t want to be CO. Rank without the responsibility, the title and title only.
  • Achievements in Life:
  • Disappointments in Life: When had to abandon swimming career and when Yael was transferred to USS Ronin. Second even harder to live with was when her Captain aboard USS Constitution, Sam Perkins was killed while ship was under her command.
  • Temperament: When temperamental, often act without thinking. When *is* thinking rarely will do anything rush or even anything. Silent and concentrated and next moment rushing into action no matter how dangerous it may be.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): Afraid of injuries and pain. Have also that so well known Betazoid problem of sending others into danger.
  • Physical Limitations:


Arielle & Gezelle Teagan, with the USS Constitution
  • Marital Status: Single
    • At 238803.31 bonded to Askade D’ciq aboard the USS Constitution-B - Despite telling Askade she plan and will break the bond during Kohlinar, Arielle haven’t done it. For two reasons, not proceeding with Kohlinar in the first place and the conversation with Askade, where Arielle for the first time realized that Klingon Counsellor actually loves her.
    • After the adoption of their son James, Arielle and Askade decided to stay with the child on Earth to give him stable home, but Askade suddenly changed her mind and left. Arielle was broken and with Jimmy and Gezelle went to Vulcan, where in the monastery finally broke the bond.

  • Children:
    • James Leonard Rosman- Adopted child, son of Captain Rosman, MiA aboard USS Nimitz, ship taken over by the Borg. Since kid was left with old grandparents and Uncle, a career officer unable and unwilling to take care of the kid Arielle requested adoption and after half a year received approval of commission.

  • Parents
    • Father: Talloc Teagan (Betazoid) Vulcan Mining Institute in Hal'tha City on Xir'tan continent
    • Mother: T'Laina (Vulcan) Vulcan Mining Institute in Hal'tha City on Xir'tan continent
  • Siblings: Twin Sister Gezelle is now living with her bondmate Askade D’ciq aboard the USS Independence

  • Father’s Grandparents:
    • Grandma: Lrivin Teagan - Ambassador
    • Grandpa: Durnin Teagan – Retired Ambassador


  1. 236305.30: Born as second twin 5 minutes after Gezelle to Talloc and T’Laina
  2. 237208.25: Sisters were accepted to Betazed Science Academy
  3. 238606.13: Sisters are finishing Psychology on Betazed
  4. 238609.15: Arielle was accepted into Vulcan IDIC institute while Gezelle went to study Geology on Vulcan Science Academy
  5. 238211.25: Arielle was accepted into Starfleet Academy
  6. 238407.22: Tournament on which lost her sight
  7. 238411.25: Arielle got LaMagna and returned to Starfleet Academy
  8. 238708.01: Arielle got cure and was able to accede to final exam

Arielle is quiet and concentrated. Arielle is not brighter sister, but despite that accomplished more than Gezelle because was always a hard worker. Whole childhood and up to the accident during the tournament on Academy Arielle was good in various sports, but best in swimming. When after accident nobody could figure out why her neural pathways would not heal Arielle was first set to return home and be invalid, but soon her adventurous spirit got her back to Academy. Arielle managed to finish it with help of her friends and a dog she got to help her in walking and finding places around the compound.

Long after the accident some other members of various teams when had accidents had same problem with recuperating as Arielle had and thorough investigation revealed that it was due to the compound spilled into water of the swimming pools which was devised as terrorist attack against young sportsman. Once the compound was analyzed the cure was found and Arielle was again able to see with her own eyes.

After the series of tests it was determined that Arielle have very low body temperature for her species also have low body defense (bad immune system) against infections and that’s the reason she got ill so fast compared to other swimmers.

Both Arielle and Gezelle were as little children sent to Betazed to be risen traditionally by female clan, what was good for their understanding of their empathic and telepathic powers and restrictions they carry. Neither would ever abuse their knowledge and powers, nor invade anyone’s privacy. Their father on the other hand, eternal rebel, taught his daughters things no Betazoid girl should ever learn. *Forbidden* knowledge he was taught in his brief stint as a member of Peacekeepers during the Cardassian occupation of Betazed.


  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238708.01
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Current Assignment: LoA
  • Duty Post:


  1. 238708.02: Assigned to USS Constitution
  2. 238712.11: Promoted to Chief Engineering Officer
  3. 238801.06: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
  4. 238805.27: Returns to USS Constitution-B as Counsellor
  5. 238808.08: After the death of Captain Sam Perkins and decommissioning of USS Constitution, Arielle resigns Starfleet
  6. 238809.04: Returns to Active duty by arriving to USS Aurora as Counsellor
  7. 238810.15: With the promotion of Della Vetri to Captain crew of USS Aurora is transferred to newly commissioned USS Avandar
  8. 238810.27: LoA

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
001-Cadet4th-White.png Cadet, 4th Class 238208.12 - 238308.11 Starfleet Academy Student
Major: Engineering
(Speciality: Application of Creative Design in Holodecks)
Minor: Piloting
002-Cadet3rd-White.png Cadet, 3rd Class 238308.11 - 238408.10
003-Cadet2nd-White.png Cadet, 2nd Class 238408.10 - 238508.08
004-Cadet1st-White.png Cadet, 1st Class 238508.08 - 238610.09
004-Cadet1st-Gold.png 238610.09 - 238708.01 USS Centris-A
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 238708.01 - 238712.11 USS Constitution Engineering Officer
01-Ens-Gold.png 238712.11 - 238801.06 Chief Engineer
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant J.G. 238801.06 - 238805.12
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg The Scotty Cross 238212.26 Given to an officer who shows extreme creativity while solving a plot dilemma or in character plot twist.
Civilian-insignia1(nemitor).png 238805.12 - 238805.27 Vulcan LoA - Civilian
02-LtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant J.G. 238805.27 - 238808.08 USS Constitution Counsellor
Civilian-insignia1(nemitor).png 238808.08 - 238809.04 Earth - Brazil LoA - Civilian
02-LtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant J.G. 238809.04 - 238810.15 USS Aurora Counsellor
02-LtJG-Teal.png 238810.15 - 238810.27 USS Avandar Counsellor
Civilian-insignia1(nemitor).png 238810.27 - 238811.21 Earth - Vulcan LoA - Civilian
Civilian-insignia1(nemitor).png 238811.21 - Present Earth - Vulcan Civilian - Resigned Starfleet


  • The Scotty Cross: 238801.18


Pisces-Del 4

Upon arrival to her first posting, Arielle beamed down to the planet, where got hurt once too many times in a short period and after taking down the forcefield to compound collapsed to wake up in the middle of the next mission.


Arielle awoke in the body of young trader during second jump when rejoined with crew. During the third jump to Woodstock, she was Markie, the Sound Technician. During return Arielle managed to prepare and with help from T’Lea and Fanel initiate chroniton pulse and return ship to *normal* space-time.

The Haunting of the Constitution

Possessed by one of the alien *guests* Arielle turned during this mission into their spokesperson, saving both *guests* and ship from them.

Divine Right

During the hijack of Constitution by Betazoid madwoman Armeni, Arielle was questioning her education and knowledge she was given by her families and a wisdom behind the forbidding that knowledge to the female Betazoids. Her determination never to use “Forbidden knowledge” was strengthened by the destruction of Ohmallera.

Lair of Light and Shadow

The mission passed mostly by Arielle. She was there to repair the satellite and was there to detect the virus in computer system and help remove it, but most of the mission was enveloped in her personal crises and the pains of growing up. Arielle had her first urge and it ended by her bonding with Klingon Counsellor, Askade D’ciq.


Shaken and lost Arielle requested Leave of Absence and returned to Vulcan to finish her long ago started preparations for Kohlinar, which she again didn’t come to finalize. Arielle returned to Constitution, this time as Counsellor herself. During her time on Vulcan Arielle found strange bug she named Fluffy.


First half of the mission Arielle spent trying to find her footing into new position (Counsellor) and joining an away team to the Borg Infected USS Nimitz helped a lot in giving her confidence. But that confidence was shaken thoroughly by finding Jimmy, Nimitz’s captain’s young child, one of rare survivors. When she later found out he will go to orphanage, since have nobody to take proper care of him, she offered to his Uncle to take Jimmy with her till he returns from deep space mission a year later, when they’ll discuss his status and future.

Hell Hath No Fury

Strange disaster on the planet which left the ship without the communication with Away team, put her in charge of Conny. Arielle found it a task far over her head.

Feeling guilty for allowing her Captain to leave the ship and beam down to the planet where found his death, Arielle resigns from active duty and with her love Askade D'ciq leaves for Earth where continues her life as Civilian.


When couldn't cope with boredom of her civilian life any more and spoke with her mate, Arielle requested return to active duty and was posted aboard USS Aurora, Nova Class Science ship under the command of Commander Della Vetri. Arielle served under Vetri as XO of Constitution and Arielle found this reunion as one of the happiest in her career.

Arielle arrived to USS Aurora during it's infiltration mission into Scarlet Brotherhood base on Farius Prime, where landed a hand during extraction of the infiltration team.

Upon return to Earth, Della Vetri was promoted to Captain and the crew was transferred to newly commissioned USS Avandar, Luna Class ship.