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Lieutenant Junior Grade Alec Wynter is currently serving as Logistics and Communications Specialist aboard the USS Gorkon

USS Gorkon
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Alec Wynter
Position Logistics and Communications Specialist
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species Elasian/Human
Gender Male
DOB 236309.19
Age 37
Birthplace Haltoanan Mountains, Elas
Writer ID G239304JM0



  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 185lbs
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Length: Long, Top Knot
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Muscular
  • Handed: Ambidextrous for fighting


Alec is a large male with a gentle soul. He has the attitude of a warrior, steadfast and strong, and can be stubborn. He does not like to lose and doesn't do so gracefully, however, he has been cultured to discuss problems thoroughly and rarely holds grudges if he is bested. He takes great pride in being the best he can be, holding his own team of Rangers up to the same standard and does his utmost to encourage rather than belittle.


  • Father: Rick Wynter
  • Mother: Kela, House of Haltoa
  • Brother: Brellon Wynter
  • Spouse: Dohlman Ilora of Telun III, Separated

Personal History

Alec is the eldest son of Rick Wynter and Kela, House of Haltoa, the Elasian noble household in the Haltonan Mountains. He is married to the Dohlman of Telun III, who he is currently separated from.

On his ninth birthday, he was secreted from the family home in the Mountains to the training grounds of the Dohlman of Elas. He was raised from then as an elite warrior for his noble household and schooled in the arts of war and statecraft, in the hopes that he would one day rise to take the glorious title of Dohlman. However, the road to glory is not that straight. Alec had a tendency to display traits deemed to be too "Human" for his Elasian battlemasters. They would berate him about his lineage and belittle his attempts to throw off the mantle of his father's heritage. He trained harder than an Elasian would need to gain the respect of his peers. By the time he was into his teenage years, he was hardened to it. He would pick fights with the older Elasian boys to prove he was better in every aspect.

When he entered the military, he rose through the ranks quickly, thanks to his merciless nature. There were many sagas written in his honor. He was a favored soldier of the Dohlman on the throne at the time. He was offered many prizes to take in recompense for his actions of bravery, but he settled on just one - the chance to live a life outside of the military once he had proven his worth. He had fallen in love with the daughter of Senator Pretan and asked for her hand in marriage. Illora agreed.

In time, Illora took over her father's Senateship and was granted Telun III as a subsidiary Dohlmanship, paying homage to their homeworld Elas. Alec left the army and moved to Telun III to be with his wife and start a family. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. She didn't like his hardened nature and urged him to be softer, to think with his heart as well as his head. They tried for children, but the Gods did not have that destiny in mind for them. Rumours began to circulate of his inability to conceive a child with Illora, due to his half Human heritage. Their relationship began to break down and they agreed to separate.

Upon failing at his marriage, and unable to return to his previous military calling on Elas due to his affiliation with the Dohlman of Telun III, he left Elas altogether and joined Starfleet as a Marine, opting for the loneliness of long-term missions in remote locations to better suit his broken heart.

Career Overview

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Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
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Ensign 238907.01 - 239103.25 Logistics and Communications Specialist USS Rio Grande
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Ensign 238907.01 - 239103.25