Akino Janaar

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  • Current Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Tactical Officer
  • Current Vessel:
    • Date Assigned:
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 235710.30
  • Place of Birth: El-Nar City, Betazed


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Height: 5'11

Family History

  • Mother: Professor Leyana Janaar, a renowned archaeologist. Head of the Betazed University Archaeology Faculty. Famous for her work excavating the Vulcan ruins on Remore Prime. A member of the Daystrom Archaeology Institute
  • Father: Rikano Janaar, a Federation ambassador. Previously helped negotiate the Cardassian peace treaty. the release of 34 Federation hostages from the Miradorn and was Chief Diplomat in the Andorrian Peace Conference with the Romulans. Most recently was head o
  • Siblings: Susena Janaar, a civilian Doctor on Betazed. Married with two children
  • Spouse: Lt Tealla Janaar (nee Morin) - currently assigned to the new Betazed orbital defense system and pregnant with their second child
  • Children: Kyone Janaar - aged three

Personal History

Although most Betazoids' telepathy does not manifest itself until puberty, Janaar is one of the few in which it manifests early. These children were often destined for lives of misery and even insanity as they are unable shield out the thoughtsof those around them.. When his abilities began to surface at the age of 6 a Starfleet doctor came up with a possible treatment: Vulcan mind control techniques. The Janaar family left Betazed and moved to Vulcan where, under the teaching of a Vulcan master named Sovok, Akino learned how to better control his telepathy. The training was so successful that it elevated Akino to the level 5 telepathy, whereas most Betazoids only reach level 4.

In 2367, when Janaar was 10 years old his father was assigned to Andor for an important peace conference with the Romulans. The Tal Shiar who wanted to gain some inside information on his father abducted him. When they discovered his Vulcan mental training they took him back to Romulas for experimentation. It was believed that the Romulans could regain the telepathy they lost after the Romulan breakaway from Vulcan.

Janaar was sent to the Rin'tolar prison camp where he was befriended by an elderly human prisoner called William Harris. After months of Romulan interrogations and experiments it was discovered that the Romulans could not get back their telepathy.

Encounters Tanoine and Jenayra Xayis in the prison camp, although warned that they were dangerous he became fascinated with them and often follwed them around, he would encounter the sisters during his first mission on the Wallace.

Janaar became an expert in escaping from the prison, managing to breakout a total of 13 times, each time he was subsequently caught. The prison camp was a often a very violent place and one day Harris was attacked by another inmate, a fight broke out and Janaar killed the man. It was decided that he should be transferred to another prison camp. While being transported by a Romulan warbird, he employed a vulcan mind control technique and escaped from his holding cell, rigged the warp core to explode and escaped in a shuttlecraft. 1200 Romulans were killed.

In 2371, when he returned to Betazed, Akino enrolled in El-Nar school. He never really fitted in at school, he often found his classmates childish and petty. He threw himself into his studies and after 4 short years he graduated from high school.

Returned to Vulcan to further his education at the Vulcan Science Ministry studying Exobiology and Exoimmunology.

Professional History

Joined Starfleet at the age of 18, exempt from the first two years of a Starfleet science course after transferring from the Vulcan University. Majoring in Science.

Due to his past, Starfleet Command decides to have him psychologically monitored, fellow cadet Kaleena Arda is assigned to monitor him. The two become close friends. Kaleena introduces him to fellow Betazoid cadet, Tealla Morin, they immediately begin to date.

Graduates from the academy, posted to the USS Wallace as Chief Science Officer.

Within a few days of his posting Janaar and the rest of the Wallace found their ship hijacked and themselves in a prison camp. It was here he encountered the Xayis sisters again.

Shortly afterwards Janaar and his fiancée were married on Starbase 118, the ceremony performed by Captain Ross.

Janaar was promoted to Lt jg.

After a war-games exercise the USS Juliana under the control of the Android Lore destroyed the USS Churchill, the shock of the destruction of her ship sent his wife into early labour. His son Kyone was born in the Wallace sickbay.

The Wallace crew eventually brought Lore to justice.

A few weeks later Tealla was reassigned and sent to the USS Isannah. Although he missed them a lot he soon became busy with a new crisis, Captain Ross was inhabited by aliens and stole the USS Wallace. Janaar and the rest of the crew under the command of the ship's XO Commander Falcon followed the Wallace in the USS Ronin.

After rescuing the captain the Wallace returned to Starbase 118. Janaar was promoted to full Lt.

During the next mission, the Wallace found itself in an Alternate Universe, where the Dominion won the war with the Federation Alliance. In order to protect the lives of the Wallace crew and his son Janaar posed as his counterpart and infiltrated the Federation resistance movement.

While in the alternate universe, he had a dataport installed. After getting used to it he decided not to have it removed when he returned to the Wallace.

Accepts transfer to the USS Galileo, a science vessel.

The Galileo is lost in adistant galaxy, Janaar is promoted to Executive Officer shortly thereafter under the command of his old friend from the Wallace Commander Alan Keldor.

Seven months after becoming the XO, the Galileo is destroyed by hostile aliens while Janaar is in command. Instead of waking up in the Betazoid afterlife, he woke up in a Starfleet research facility where he discovered his time on the Galileo had been an elaborate holodeck experiment.

The Galileo Project was classified Commanders and above, much of the details remain a mystery to Janaar.

Without much time to readjust, he was assigned to the USS Ronin as Chief Science Officer. Despite this reduction in position he enjoyed his brief time on the Ronin although began feeling unsettled in the role of CSO.

When the Ronin was decomissioned he accepted a new role on a new ship; transferring to the USS Paladin as Mission Specialist.

After his first mission onboard Paladin he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer.

Character Data

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign:
  • Lieutenant JG:
  • Lieutenant:
  • Lt. Commander: 238009.10
  • Commander:
  • Captain:
  • Fleet Captain:
  • Commodore:
  • Rear Admiral:
  • Vice Admiral:
  • Admiral:
  • Fleet Admiral:


Akino is a no-nonsense type of guy, a firm believer in if you want something done right do it yourself. His time in prison has made him truly tough, he never backs down when he believes he is right and never allows protocol to get in the way of doing what is right. Being a full telepath he can tell when someone is lying and therefore has no problems trusting people but he is extremely wary of those he cannot read such as Ferengi.