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The Ahm-van-kal is the Vulcan naming ceremony. It is comprised by a simple liturgy in which the parents present the newborn to a High Master of Gol, the High Master then asks who the child's en'ahr'at, (roughly translated, "god-parent") is, the en'ahr'at introduces themself, and is then asked to pronounce the child's name for the first time. The en'ahr'at's role is then to touch the katra of the newborn and choose a name for the child according to the essence of its katra. For that reason, he or she is not allowed to know anything about the child prior to birth. Even gender is strictly hidden from the en'ahr'at, and thus every part of the liturgy avoids gender up until this point. Its gender is known the instant the en'ahr'at joins minds with it, but foreknowledge of any kind could taint the kau (wisdom) of the bond and cause them to give the child a false name. After the brief mind meld is complete, the en'ahr'at pronounces the child's name and the ceremony is complete.

For an example of the Ahm-van-kal liturgy, see SIM: Lt.JG Valis - Ahm-van-kal.

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