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USS Ronin
Position Security Officer
Rank Crewman 1st Class
Species Kzinti
Gender Male
DOB 236902.06
Age 32
Birthplace Unknown

Briza-Kar is currently a crewman, serving in the Security department aboard the (USS Ronin). His friends call him Breeze, a nickname picked up early on in his Starfleet career.


  • Height: 1.96
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Hair: Light blonde, tied back into a ponytail
  • Fur: Tannish/Orange, with a white underbelly
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Large, muscular


Briza-Kar only really maintains relationships with his colleagues from the various ships he has served on.


Briza-Kar was found as a young cub, floating in an escape pod. His mother had risked her life, and later perished, to flee Kzin. She wanted her child to be raised free of The Patriarchy.

His mother managed to get her beaten vessel away from the Kzin who hunted her, in an escape pod she reached Federation outpost, who provided shelter to them and hid them from the Kzinti. His mother, who had no name, died of her wounds. Her last wish that he would not be returned to Kzin. She named him Briza-Kar.

He was sent to a colony, as an orphan and raised in a shelter for children, like him, that had no parents. Once he was older and due to his size and his demeanour would take on jobs as security for private organisations. He was approached by the Orion Syndicate but always refused to participate in crimes or anything that would hurt others.

Eventually he would impress some Starfleet Officers during a mission and they would enlist him as a Crewman on the USS India, which began his career in Starfleet. He's now an established Starfleet enlisted officer and a loyal and trusted security officer.


Myers-Briggs Score ISFJ-A Defender


  • Supportive – Likes to help others
  • Reliable – Meticulous and careful. Takes a steady approach, ensuring that things are done to the highest standard – and often going well beyond what is required.
  • Observant – Pays attention to the smallest details of what someone says and does, giving them unexpected insights into other people’s lives and emotions.
  • Hardworking – Get it done right and care about the job they do.
  • Good Practical Skills – Altruistic nature and hard-won practicality. Take action for those who need it.


  • Overly Humble – Downplays own abilities
  • Taking Things Personally – Critiscism feels like a personal attack
  • Repressing Their Feelings – Private and reserved, hard to understand.
  • Overcommitted – Suffer in silence trying to do too much.
  • Reluctant to Change – Struggle to change routines.
  • Too Altruistic – Too giving of himself.

Service History

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Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Crewman 3rd Class SD 239001.01 - 239304.12 USS India
Crewman 2nd Class SD 239313.03 - 239523.20 USS India
Crewman 2nd Class SD 239523.20 - 240009.20 USS O'Hara
Crewman 1st Class SD 240009.20 - Present USS Ronin
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Awards & Service Ribbons

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