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About Me

Hello! I'm Isaac, simming under Writer ID A240001NH3, and I've been a member of SB118 since January 2023. I'm a proud father and annoying husband in Southern California who, by day, is something of a corporate muckety-muck. I'm proud to write for Nolen Hobart who currently serves as First Officer aboard the USS Khitomer. Please send me all the dad jokes.


Nolen Hobart Arrow.png

Primary Character - Lt. Commander Nolen Hobart

Lt. Commander Nolen Hobart is a Human/Betazoid man, currently serving as Executive Officer aboard USS Khitomer.

Born somewhere between the stars, he was raised exclusively on Relva VIII, a barren, airless rock of a planetoid with little to offer except dust, stone, dilithium, and a Federation mining facility. His father, Petty Officer Omar Hobart, served as head of maintenance for the site, while his mother, a traumatized Betazoid refugee named Mara Tarn, spent most of her days avoiding others. Nolen was a precocious child, prone to theft (when he was caught tinkering before he managed to return the "borrowed" tech) and mayhem. Some argued this made him a terrible fit for the Starfleet Engineering Corps. Others argued it made him a perfect fit.

Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy, Nolen was assigned to the USS Arrow's Engineering department, whereupon he befriended his immediate superior, Connor Dewitt. Over time, he also became embroiled in a wholly unrpofessional and unhealthy game of "flirt chicken" with Talia Ohnari, the ship's doctor. This game seemed to be turning into something more substantial just as Hobart found himself reassigned to serve as Executive Officer of the Arrow. Granted new responsibility over the ship and its crew, Hobart... promptly lost the ship. Or rather, it was stolen out from under him.

As XO of the Khitomer, now, his aim is to lead the crew to assist the Captain in stealing it back.

Regular PNPCs

Lt. Dukul Nibar

D Nibar v5.jpg

Judge Advocate Officer
Deep Space 33

Ens. Imogen "Ginny" Lacy

Ginny Lacy Gold.png

Engineering Officer
USS Khitomer

Lt. Pershan

Pershan (tiny).png

USS Khitomer

Cdt. T'Lingot Jaunn

T Jaunn.png

Cadet, Fourth Year
Starfleet Academy