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2004 State of the Federation Address

Stardate: 238103.05 (5 March 2004)

Greetings, fellow Trekkers!

2380 was a bitter-sweet year in many ways. Many of our command staff and members saw the additions to their real life families. Both RAdml. Kelly and Cpt. James fall into this category, and to them we send fond congratulations.

Many families also felt the pain of illness and the loss of loved ones. Most recently, Ed Fisk (LtCmdr. Moghan of the USS Nemesis-B) passed away. A tribute to this fine member can be found on the Nemesis website.

As far as club business, at the beginning of the year Captain Hutton launched the USS Steadfast. The USS Ronin and the Black Tower were decommissioned due to real life time constraints on their Captains. At the same time as the Black Tower closed, its First Officer became Captain of the USS Albion. Captain Draigon became chief officer of the USS Titan when Admiral Kelly retired. Captain Nekkar became chief officer of SB118, with Fleet Captain Hebron once again taking command of the USS Constitution.

At present, the fleet contains ten vessels with six of the Captains having lead their sim site for over a year, and all for over six months. This is a major achievement that boosts of our stability and puts us in a great position for 2381.

The most amazing event for 2380 has been a quiet revolution in the way that UFOP does business. Driven by success in the UFOP training procedure and UFOP forums, we have begun to rely on committees to administer the club. This marks a substantial shift from the past, when one or two members tended to do everything. Our members are now more involved than ever.

Successful Committees include Training, Forums, Web Design, and Advertising. An Awards Ceremony Revamp Committee was successful in adding the complete roster of Duty Post awards, and continues to work on updating the Staff Awards. The Fleet Wide Plot committee has been formed by the Captains Council, and plans to choose a plot to focus on within the next few months. Committees draw on the expertise of the general membership, and promote involvement. We can only expect the committee trend to continue into 2381.

The biggest news of 2381 is the tenth anniversary of UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG. Yes, it is our diamond anniversary, and considering the transitory nature of most websites, this is quite the achievement! To celebrate, a full website overhaul is in the works for late spring. There are also plans for a UFOP get together in the USA and in England, sometime late in the summer.

We can also expect the addition of two more ships to the fleet during the year, as some of our up-and-coming command staff prepare themselves for the rigors of the testing process.

Our biggest challenge this year will be to raise the visibility of our group on the internet. This is a critical time for our organization, when other forms of media vie for the attention of all types of fans. Our website overhaul is needed now more than ever to make our public face sleeker, easier to navigate, and more useful. This alone will draw new members. We must all endeavor to participate in this process, however, if we seek to ensure our long-lasting survival as one of the highest quality groups on the net. There has never been a better time to lend your expertise to a member committee, and there has never been a better time to recommend the group to friends and family. We remain committed to bringing you good, clean fun and ensuring that we remain true to our core principles of good writing and adherence to Star Trek realism.

All-in-all, the past nine years have been joyous and taxing. Friends have come and gone, in the process changing this group, and ourselves forever. It is, after all, about the community. Were we to ignore that this group is built on international friendships, we would be forgetting one of our strongest points. Even when the world powers struggle for a voice on the global stage, Star Trek and Gene Roddenbury's vision still brings together people of every race to enjoy a vision of brighter vision of the future. So, we say, put the Trekkies in charge!

Until then, keep SIMming!


The UFOP: StarBase 118 Executive Council


  • The Fleet presently consists of:
    • USS Albion - Excelsior - Captain Rourke
    • USS Constitution-B - Galaxy (refit) - Fleet Captain Hebron
    • USS Independence - New Orleans - Fleet Captain Anassasi
    • USS Kodiak - Norway - Rear Admiral Hollis
    • NX Nemesis - Achilles - Fleet Captain Wong-Aquiss
    • USS Paladin - Prometheus - Captain Daninburg
    • StarBase 118 Ops - Space Dock - Captain Nekkar
    • USS Steadfast - Galaxy - Captain Hutton
    • USS Titan - Sovereign - Captain Draigon
    • USS Victory - Intrepid - Captain Hurne
  • EC Members:
    • Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf
    • Rear Admiral Hollis Caley
    • Fleet Captain Adler Wong-Aquiss
    • Fleet Captain Xan Hebron
    • Fleet Captain Jessa Anassasi
  • CC Voting Members:
    • Fleet Captain Jessa Anassasi
    • Fleet Captain Hollis Caley
    • Captain Rachel Daninburg
    • Captain Theo Draigon
    • Fleet Captain Xan Hebron
    • Captain Jordan Hurne
    • Captain Chris Hutton
    • Captain Mike James
    • Captain Day Van Pel-Nekkar
    • Captain Mike Rourke
    • Captain James Terra
    • Captain Brynn Wellesley
    • Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf
    • Fleet Captain Adler Wong-Aquiss
    • Captain Y'Shirad (playing as LtCmdr. Merigold KitiganZibi)
  • CC Observing Members:
    • Cmdr. Mal Avatar
    • Cmdr. T'Lara Cha'Stelin
    • Cmdr. Rocar Drawoh
    • Cmdr. Robert Falcon
    • Cmdr. Kare'en
    • Cmdr. K'Tar
    • Cmdr. Flash Nova
    • Cmdr. Megan Parker
    • Cmdr. Kell Perim-Mitchell
    • Cmdr. Nathan Quinn
    • LtCmdr. T'Pen
    • Cmdr. Samantha Torrence
    • LtCmdr. Varaan

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