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The Thracian Alliance is a newly established political, economic and military alliance on the border of Romulan, Klingon and Federation border.



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The Thracian Alliance consists of three main groups: Velorians, Ameoneians and Romulans. Of these, the Velorians have the highest population, followed by the Romulans and the Ameonians. The total population of the Thracian Alliance is estimated to be around seventeen billion.

The Alliance has seen a small influx of Remans, following the promise of political representation and equality. The majority are currenly housed on the Nequencia orbital station, while a nearby planet is prepared for Reman colonisation. There are currently 5700 Remans in Thracian Space.

Though there are few, some Klingons have been noticed among the general populations as well.

These populations are spread across multiple systems, spanning from the outer edge of Klingon space, which is still contested by the Klingon Empire as belonging to them rather than the alliance, to the outer edge of Romulan space, with the neutral zone in the center. The new alliance has annexed surrounding areas and systems whose residents have joined the Alliance.


Following the declaration of independence, an interim government under the leadership of Governor Alnorias of Nequencia was established while negotiations were undertaken between Romulan, Ameoneian and Velorian representatives to agree a constitution. A semi-presidential system where responsibility for the foreign policy falls to a President, who also acts as Head of State and Commander-in-Chief; responsibility for domestic policy falls to parliament, led by a Prime Minister; and a Supreme Court acts as the senior court in the alliance was agreed.

Federation observers were invited to the first Thracian elections and reported that, for the most part, they were both free and fair. For many citizens, this was the first time they had participated in the democratic process.

Governor Alnorias was elected as the first President of the Thracian Alliance and First Minister Shera of Veloria commanding a majority in the newly formed unicameral legislature became Prime Minister. Given this racial split, former Ameoneian Chancellor, Virandri was nominated as Chief Justice of the Thracian Supreme Court in order to maintain equality and unanimously approved by parliament.

Inter-Stellar Relations

Given it's position, the Alliance has three key inter-stellar relationships.

Federation: From it's inception, the Alliance has been keen to build a strong bilateral ties with the Federation. The Federation quickly recognised the Alliance and has since offered protectorate status. During the Klingon Invasion of 2389, protectorate status was accepted and the Alliance became an official protectorate of the Federation.

Romulan: The Romulan Empire has emerged as the Thracian Alliance's largest trading partner. While some in the Senate have expressed reluctance over recognising the Alliance, it is generally accepted that any hostile response would provoke the Federation. Senator Vreeya has been the Alliance's most vocal supporter in the Romulan Senate.

Klingon: The Klingon Empire refuses to recognise the Thracian Alliance and maintain claims on Ameonian space.


The Thracian Defence Force is falls under the command of the President. The new consitution specifies that the military is used for defence only and the Commander-in-Chief has no legal authority to wage an offensive war. The military follows Romulan rank structures and has it's headquarters in the Nequencia Orbital station. Given the dominance of Romulans within the Thracian Military, the Thracian Parliament voted for strict quotas among senior officers.

Commander Kital Creena holds the position of Chief Military Advisor and commands the Thracian Flagship Vauthil. Other military hardware includes twenty-three ships of various design and power, five stations and several hundred listening posts around the border to scan for cloaked infiltration.

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