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Crew of the USS Athena


Lieutenant JG Zera Sivu

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Lieutenant JG Zera Sivu is a PNPC medical officer serving on the USS Astraeus.


  • Full Name: Zera Sivu
  • Date of Birth: 236208.20
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Light brown hair with a few highlights in it
  • Hair length: Long, wavy hair falling down onto her shoulders
  • Skin tone: Caucasion
  • Eye color: Hazel brown
  • Birthmarks/Scars: She has one long scar on her left leg after a few surgery's
  • Dexterity': She is right handed

Professional History

After the Academy, she got assigned to a ship but she refused the offer. She wanted to work for a few more years in a hospital on Earth. With all the new experiences and knowledge she had to practice it first. It didn't feel right to start on a Star Fleet ship. While working in the hospital she met Rodch Vertri which is now her husband. He's a counselor and chose to work on Earth too. He didn't have the ambition to fly and discover the universe or meet undiscovered species. They worked a few years on Earth together but after awhile Zera felt her desire to serve on a ship growing. After a few long conversations with her husband she decided, at the age of thirty, to accept the offer from the USS ZA.


On the USS ZA she served under CMO Saveron and after that CMO Cattan. Zera never had the ambition to become the CMO but she does have the abilities to maintain order in a busy, overloaded Sickbay. Always calm and reserved, yet strict and clear when needed. Se just wants to heal everybody that comes into sickbay. After serving on the USS Za for more than a year she transferred to the USS Athena where she's served as a Doctor/Surgeon medical officer with a few specialties like Obstetrics/Gynecology. After the Atena she transferred to the USS USS Atlantis where she worked as a doctor. Now she's posted at the USS Astraeus as a doctor.

Personal History

Zera started pretty early. When she was about twelve years old she helped her neighbor with minor operations on animals since he worked for the animal protection in her city. She learned pretty early how to perform them and wasn’t afraid of blood or anything. She thought it was something she could become good at, saving lives, so at the age of fourteen, she started to “work” in a nearby hospital as a nurse for a while. They saw her potential and in a few months, she was already allowed to help the surgeons, handing them scalpels and such. By the time she was eighteen and was allowed to start the academy as a medical cadet, she had quite a bit of experience and expertise. At first, she wanted to know more about the human anatomy but after a while, it became clear to her that she had to get to know everything about all kind of different species. So she studied, and studied and studied.



Physical Description

  • Build
    • General
  • Height
    • 1.77 Meter

Habits and Abilities


  • Her voice is soft and sweet but when she has to lead a surgery her tone changes into a direct, still kind, but strict one so everyone knows what to do.


  • She has practiced medicine, critical care and surgical Specialties, Obstetrics/Gynecology.


As a Youth


As an Adult


Notes, and Trivia