Zania Nyx

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  • Full name: Nyx, Zania
  • Age (date of birth): 32 years old (Stardate 235407.13)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Blond
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Height:
  • Place of Birth: Trollhattan (Sweden)


  • Parents:
  • Siblings:
  • Spouse: None, only one serious relationship that ended due to the next point in this bio.
  • Children: NO WAY!

Important events

  • Zania had a turbulent childhood. She regularly skipped class, tested the limits that were imposed on her and seemingly spent her days thinking of ways to get into trouble. Believing that traditional school wasn't meant for her, her father had her enrolled into a mixed studies/sport school. The strategy worked, somewhat. She found that having a way to spend energy helped her but not by much.
  • At 13, she discovered bungee jumping and realized how much she craved adrenaline.
  • At 14, she discovered martial arts and for the first time discovered a way to find peace without engaging in any extreme activity (OOC: Still unsure which one would fit her personality best, I don't want it to be the same as me).
  • At 16 she studied to be an adventure and extreme tourism guide. Earth, having thousands of cultures and a wide variety of landscapes always was a popular destination. Her job was to make the most adventurous of them have a great time on earth.
  • At 17 she discovered Parkour during a trip to France. This is to this day her main passion.
  • At 18, she organized a party to celebrate the reset of her criminal file (only misdemeanors, fortunately) . She ended drunk and making out with her best friend. She has no idea what happened next.
  • At 22, she started Mixed Martial Arts competitions.
  • At 23, she started her first serious relationship. Which ended years later mainly because Zania's plan for the future (as far as she "planned" anything in the future) didn't involve having kids which she considers herself unfit to raise while her girlfriend could not imagine never having any.
  • At 27 she broke up and joined StarFleet. She enroled because wanted to be useful, to face new challenges and because it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Zania lives for struggle. The presence of an obstacle is a reason in itself to overcome it. She enjoy physical challenges but also making things right and helping people. This is probably the easiest way to manipulate her as she has a hard time saying no to a good challenge.


Combat: She is an extreme pacifist who'll never roughen up a suspect, never engage in violence for fun (outside of formal competition) , never even slap someone. Fighting is dirty. In real life when there are no rules, a fight is usually won or lost in less than 5 seconds. There is no "fair", there is no "reasonable force", an unskilled rookie can win against an experienced warrior in one lucky blow if that warrior isn't paying attention. If she enter a fight, she'll do whatever it takes to win. She however completely disapproves of people eager for battle because she consider that engaging in combat lightly is a disregard for humanoid life given the risks involved.

Parkour: Parkour is the art of movement, the martial art that teaches how to run away from a fight, the celebration of the human capacity to overcome anything, a great way to enter forbidden places without using violence, a great sport, why isn't Starfleet teaching that in their standard curicculum?

MMA competitions: You either gain money or knowledge, it's win-win.

Habits and Quirks

She displays an extreme curiosity, likes to build things for the fun of it and at all time have in her quarters at least half a dozen project in various state of completion. She conversing with computers and will use touch interfaces when available.


She is claustrophobic. Claustrophobia is the fear of being restrained (not of small spaces although that is a common trigger). She is slightly uncomfortable to be on a Starship (trapped in a tin-can), have panic attack if she tied and everything in between depending on the severity of the situtation. The less she would be able to physically run-away from a situation, the more uncomfortable she is. This causes a mild addiction to holodecks.