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Four Letter Code XITH
Federation Status
Planet of Origin
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level
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The Xith are a technologically advanced species of insect-humanoid creatures well known for their compulsive resource mining and hoarding.

Initial Reports

Centurion D'Nal, Intelligence Officer Report on the Xith Species

Species Name: Xith

Sector: Veil of Rocks

Homeworld: Veil of Rocks

Technology: Advanced, Warp, Space-faring

Intelligence Level: High

Resources: Trade. Members of the Deep Space Salvage Alliance (DSSA)

Threat Level: Medium.

Entry 1: We are observing an Insect-humanoid species that lives in the Veil of Rocks, which is an expanse of asteroids orbiting a sun. We detected no planets, and no moons upon entry in this sector. We will make contact soon.

Entry 2: After further communications with the Xith, they proudly informed us that they mindfully, and willingly destroyed their homeworld and the other planets in their solar system to mine the resources. Since then they have been living among the dead chunks of rock that was once their homeworld, and they have done quite well for themselves. Many of the asteroids house entire underground cities, and defense stations. They have formidable weapons. The exact number of their population is unknown. The underground tunnel structures, and Xith behavior resemble a colony of ants -- venturing out to scavenge whatever they can find and bring it back to the colony for consumption. Neighboring worlds dislike the Xith, but they are tolerated because of their trade relations, and their membership with the DSSA. The Xith are excellent cleaners of waste and space junk, but be wary of their basic instincts to gather, and hoard. Crew reports personal items missing during visit. (View Security Logs Here.)

Entry 3: Rumor has it that during a particularly bad decade for the colony, the Xith consumed the natural resources of an entire planet, people and all. They deny the allegations that they were behind the planet-wide extinction, blaming it on a fictitious creature that lives in the Dark Nebula, but they did not deny the fact that they salvaged the remains on the planet. It, of course, was done legally according to the DSSA "Finder's Rights Act".

Entry 4: The Xith have given us coordinates to Perimeter Station on the Outer-Rim. It is a large trading outpost. They have supplies there. We will investigate.

Other references

Entry 3: Paruke and Anathoth have advised us to use caution when dealing with the Xith, and certain members of the DSSA. According to the merchants with honorable bartering practices in the market place, certain members within the DSSA organization are nothing more than pirates and thieves, barely working within the legal limits of the Fair Space-Trade Agreements. They have word that the DSSA is interested in our cloaking technology, and have labeled us as a "salvageable" target, if something unfortunate should happen to us out here. My blood is up. I would like to see them try.

Entry 4: Kartoosh is no longer a problem for us. Our Doctor has "treated" him. (View the Doctor's Personal Log Here.)

Entry 5: The station was attack today by half-organic and half-cybernetic monstrosities, called Alr'n. We watched the battle from a safe, cloaked position. The crew wanted to join in the fight, but the Commander would not allow it – I agree with him. Observing the conflict and gathering intelligence was a better use of our time, we have lost too many already. Xith ships came quickly and in many small vessels. Their battle tactics were primitive, but effective: overwhelm the enemy in large numbers, and then pull them apart piece-by-piece. I stress again, the behavior is ant-like, and disturbing. The Xith should have been destroyed long ago. The Xith numbers we saw today are worrisome. (View Tactical and Security Logs Here.)

Entry 6: Damage to the station was extensive. Anathoth is dead, so are many others. Paruke survived – he is either resilient, or a coward. The Open Market, shops, fueling stations and supplies were raided by the Alr'n. It will be months before supplies are restocked. We have acquired the body of a dead Alr'n, and a Xith. Our Doctor will be dissecting them both. (View Medical Logs Here.) Repairs to the station have begun. We are moving on from this place. We have been here too long.