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Writing Improvement Squadron
Writing Improvement Squadron

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These link to articles external to the Wiki in the Writer's Workshop area of the Starbase 118 Community News.

Writers Workshop Articles

The Witty Wordsmith

Devil in The Details
With Great Resources Comes Great Writing
Writer's Block
Leadership In Action
Roleplaying The Lone Wolf

Building Character Through Action
Compelling Characterization
Developing Great Characters
The Foundation To Stronger Dialogue
Beyond Dialogue

Just Read It (Out Loud)
Opening Doors
Importance Of Setting A Scene
Writing Tips from George R.R. Martin
Tips for Stronger Simming

Turns Of Phrase
Frequently Misused Words
Tricky Definitions

Writing Challenge Tips

First Person Fortnight Competition Writing Challenge Tips: SF Romance Novels
Writing Challenge Tips: Short Fiction

Plot & Scene

From the Hook to the End: Keeping Them Reading
Advancing The Plot
Revisiting The Plot
Scene Setting: The Most Important Writing Tweak
Scene-Setting Prompts

Tension: The Story's Warp Drive
Adding Excitement to our Sci-Fi Realm
So You Want to Sim a Fight Scene
Using Plot Bunnies (Infographic)


The Science in Science Fiction: Seismic Activity
The Fun of World Building
Writing Alien Species
How To Think (And Write) Like an Alien
Blood, Fire, and Wine: The DNA of a Klingon

How Scriptwriting Dialogue Is Essential
Reality Buried Deep Within Science Fiction

General Tips

Writer's Block: Knock Down the Barriers
Facing Down Writer's Block
Sci-Fi Writing Tips
Metagaming: What Is It and How To Avoid It
Keeping It Real
The Tone in Your Writing

Including Exposition
Revisiting Exposition: Adding That Magic
Take It One Sim at a Time
The Setting: Invoking Imaginations
Ten Tips for Writing for Your Audience
Avoiding Dialogue Snags


Character Creation: Avoiding Mary Sue
Character Creation: The Basics
Our Characters: Striving For Reality
Create A Character You're Proud Of
Adding The Spark Of Life To Your Characters

Adding Depth to Your Character
So You Want to Create an NPC
Wonderful World of Personal NPCS
Creating Stellar Supporting Characters--That Get Remembered
Writing Romantic Relationships

Hurting Those We Love the Most
Writing Help for Diplomatic Roles
How to Become The Hero in Your Writing


An Island Among Men
The Macro VS Micro Challenge
Being a Better Storyteller
Be a Better Writer
Improving Your Writing Skills

Five Ways to Really Improve Your Writing
Writing Tips for People Who Don't Write
Making Your Writing Weakness into a Strength
Writing Tips from Modern Writers
How to Write Better by Reading

Kurt Vonnegut's Writing Guidelines
Janet Fitch's 10 Rules For Writers

If You Want to Write Better: Listen
It's All in the Details
Simple Tips To Improve Your Writing
Helpful Tips for Short Story Writing
A Toolbox for Creative Writers

Putting the Creative in Creative Writing
Everything You Wanted To Know About Writing: But Were Afraid To Ask
Endless Resources To Help You Write Better
The Makings of Great Sci-Fi Writing
It's All In The Ending...


Fun Grammar Skills Test
Grammar Skills Test Answer Sheet (For the Above)
Vanquishing Those Silly Grammar Monsters
Improve Your Grammar and End World Hunger!
Testing the Limits of Your Grammar

Avoiding the Not So Bright Grammatical Errors
10 Grammar Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid
Active Verbs: Preferred by Writers Everywhere
How To Punctuate a Sentence
Commonly Mishead Expressions to Avoid

Getting The Best Out Of Your Sims

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Ten Tips for Novice Creative Writers
Online Creative Writing Courses
29 Ways to Stay Creative
10 Ways to Get New Ideas for Your Roleplaying Story
So You Want to Be a Gamer

Twelve Quotes From Authors To Remember (When Starting Your First Book)
Finding Your Creative Writing Voice
Finding Something Else in your Search For Your Writing Voice
Staying Behind the Curtain: Keeping Your Invisibility Intact
Take Time to Write

Adding Another Edge to Your Sims
Prompting Creative Works: The Power of a Question
From Ack To Woohoo: Interjections That Really Count
The Perfect Word
Halloween Story Competition

The Best Star Trek Stories: Flashback Week 2011
Killing Repetition In Your Sims
A Syllabus for Novice Science Fiction Fans