Wenn Hiss

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USS Atlantis
Wenn Hiss
Position Accountant
Rank Civilian
Species Ba'ku
Gender Male
DOB 2363
Age 38
Birthplace Ba'ku Planet, Briar Patch
Writer ID D239306CL0

Mr. Wenn Hiss was an accountant serving some Freeworld Corporation on Par'Tha expanse, when he was arrested by the Valcarian Empire. He was just returned and is travelling aboard to USS Atlantis.


  • Full Name: Wenn Hiss
  • Nickname:
  • Race: Ba'ku
  • Date of Birth: 2363
  • Place of Birth: Ba'ku Planet
  • Age: 31 [Human equiv. 23]
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic Rating:
  • Relationship Status: Single


  • Height: 6’ 2” (1,88 m)
  • Weight: 185 lb (84 kg)
  • Hair Color: Dark Blonde
  • Hair length:
  • Eye Color: Gray-Blue
  • Skin Tone: White
  • Build: Atletic
  • Birthmarks, scars, tattoos: none
  • Languages: Federation english


  • Father: Haron
  • Mother: Mera Hiss
  • Siblings: Ben Lil (brother), Leyal Hiss and Vidia Hiss (sisters)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Uncles: None


Wenn is tall and athletic, with classic male Ba’Ku features - remarkable mental discipline and clarity of perception. By human standards, he appears much younger than his thirty-two years and had not sensed the passage of time since he left Ba’Ku. However, he expected to age as everyone else just at a slow rate.

He generally presents the aloof calmness. Wenn is friendly, always smiling and willing to help wherever he can. But he can also be a bit of an introvert when all he wants is to hide under her covers after his shift. He is normally soft-spoken and considers his words carefully.

Strengths: Wenn’s primary strength is her organizational skills and willingness to expand her knowledge base.

Weaknesses: Mainly his slight tendency to be an introvert from being overwhelmed with work or social interactions.

Ambitions: Travel all the galaxy

Hobbies: Art both modern and classic

Personal History

Wenn had almost a perfect and harmonious life until the conflict between Son’a and Federation was revealed. From that time forward he learned that his people were once very technologically advanced but had decided to renegade everything in favor of a community-oriented, pacifistic agrarian society.

He continued to grow in the ways of his people, refining his skills as an artisan, for several years. However, with the integration of some Son’a survivors into his society, he started to wonder about other possibilities for his future, and the desire to know other worlds started to grow. When Ba’ku finally joined the Federation as a member, around 2378, a huge bunch of new possibilities opened for him.

He continued to grow and develop his natural abilities as an artisan, but after several complaints to his mother and dead, they allowed him to start to study and research about other worlds, trades, arts and goods in general. He developed a great capacity for administration. In few years he developed a great ability to manage, label, and organize data and things.

Finally, he arrived at the conclusion that he needed much more than Ba’Ku had to offer. He requested authorization from his parents to join Starfleet Academy but they refused. After several years, he realized that he would have to forcibly break the ties with his parents and the planet. He sneaked himself into a freighter, letting only a letter for his parents. Since then they never spoke again.

During some years he worked for living aboard that freighter until reach Earth. There he decided that the best way to fulfill his dream would be enlisted into Starfleet. He spent a year training for administrative duties, effectively planning to be a 'secretary' within the naval ranks.

As crewman third class he worked several months for Commodore Wilson at Earth Starbase. Soon after he was promoted to second-class crewman and worked in the support staff. As the first-class crewman, he was transferred to DS26, aboard USS Atlantis, in his mission back to Par’tha Expanse, acting as yeoman to Commander Armstrong Virgil, on administrative division.

When the Federation mission on Par’tha Expanse was abruptly canceled and USS Atlantis had to return, he decided to stay behind and joined a Freeworld Corporation. There he served on freighters in an administrative role, accountant. He was finally realizing his dream to know different worlds and species.

A few months later along, Devron run, his freighter was captured. When the Valcarians discovered that he was a Federation Citizen he was imprisoned. It was just when USS Atlantis appeared again on Par’tha Expanse, during the occupation of Orbital Starport Station by the Valcarian, that he was released in an exchange for prisoners.