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Viseria is a Mathenite colony planet located in the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Date Founded: 2073
  • Population: 2.1 Billion (Mathenite) 1.3 Billion (Viseria Natives)
  • Capital: Viseria
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 100%

The first extrasolar Mathenite colony, Viseria was first settled from Republic of Qcin, though they were quickly followed by Diserik colonists from Ollintaq. A population competition ensued, which is why Viseria is such a populous world, and boasts very high birthrates, and formerly had the largest migrant population in the colonies. This demographic competition came to a tentative halt with the influx of Montrek refugees, that split the colony into 45% Ollintaqi, 43% Qcin, and 8% Hellus Montrek. Viseria is the wealthiest and most prosperous Mathenite colony, with great natural beauty and impressive cities and public works financed by these profits. Viseria's wealth and large population effectively secured it some autonomy, and was formerly the most fiercely independent Mathenite colony. For this reason, Viseria has some self government, though this is a very empty gesture in the face of the potential (though not used) powers of the Colonial Authority.

Viseria is also home to a native species, very similar to baseline humans. This species is almost totally and utterly culturally assimilated into Mathenite society, boasting a large population and a willingness to submit to Mathenite customs and teachings. The Viseria natives have achieved a high degree of autonomy and respect compared to the other native species on various Mathenite coloniest, and are integrated at every level of the political, military and economic apparatus. Unlike every other Mathenite client race, the Viseria natives are full citizens of the Confederacy and are entitled to vote in every election, and serve in the Colonial Authority.

Points of interest

  • Deran Valley
  • Luse Bay
  • Tysinlli Highlands

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