Velidra Dofar

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Commander Velidra Dofar is a Bolian Starfleet officer in comand of the USS Rahuba, commissioned on 239710.31.


Velidra Dofar is a Bolian Captain on the USS Rahuba. A native of the Bolian home planet of Bolarus IX, she was born to a successful business man. Raised in a large family and in a household that consisted of at least three generations under one roof, she has always enjoyed being around people. From a young age, she was very much a caretaker, watching over those younger than her much like a mother hen. Eventually, she found an interest in medicine and when of age, applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. Rising through the ranks, she was eventually promoted to Captain and took command of the USS Rahuba on on 239710.31.