Varris Hirl

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Varris Hirl is a Mithgiln Expeditionary Fleet officer currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer of Denali Station as part of an officer exchange program.


  • Full Name: Varris Hirl
  • Race: Mithgiln
  • Date of Birth: 235905.10
  • Place of Birth: Irian City, Irian Provence, Mitander
  • Age: 40
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Hair Color: white blonde
  • Length of Hair: short as to be easily manageable
  • Eye Color: citrine yellow
  • Skin Tone: pale
  • Build: Skinny
  • Wings: Midnight blue, mottled with a slightly lighter shade of blue


  • Marital Status: Married
    • Spouse: Lurin Pir
  • Children: Elira Pir, daughter, 15 years old
  • Parents
    • Father: Kastrin Yerin
    • Mother: Malli Hirl
  • Siblings: Oovin, Erri

Personal History

Varris Hirl was born to Kastrin Yerin and Malli Hirl in the Northern province city of Irian City, the provincial capital. Both of his parents were physicians, his father a pathologist, his mother a cardiac/vascular surgeon. Following his general education, he was allowed entry into one of the General Medical Colleges. At roughly the same time a number of new protectorate civilizations added. In an effort to expand, the MEF made requests of all of the Castes for needed professions and specialties, one of which was medical professionals, especially those with general surgical skills and training in virology or microbiology. While not common to have multiple specialties, field work often required additional training beyond one's chosen field. The general surgical colleges tested all of their members, and chose the best to receive additional training outside their colleges.

Professional History

Following the additional specialized training, Varris went on to standard Expeditionary Force training. He has served for 15 years with the MEF, assisting both pre and post warp civilizations that are under threat from extinction level pandemics, as well as other medical crisis as requested and needed. He has developed into an excellent xenobiologist and surgeon and leapt at the change to participate in an officer exchange with the Federations version of the MEF. The chance to serve as physician to a vast array of diverse lifeforms in a single setting would advance his skills at a pace he couldn't get anywhere else.