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Vargoth was a ruthless and cunning Renaaran trader who turned to piracy. He was commander of the pirate fleet known as the Black Cloud, which plied the Renaaran Run and other major spacelanes in the Valcarian Republic, hunting anything the predatory Vargoth could track.

All Black Cloud members were treated equally, regardless of species or homeworld. He rarely accepted new crew without first checking their trustworthiness and value to the organization, testing them first with trivial assignments, then increasing their difficulty until Vargoth was satisfied with their worthiness. He showed no tolerance for insubordinate or treacherous crew, and ran a disciplined ship. His crew respected his leadership skill and tactical savvy, and demonstrated great loyalty to him.

Vargoth absorbed all takings from his raids directly into the Black Cloud; combat-capable ships were put to use in the fleet, other ships were cannibalized for components, slaves were recruited, and cargoes were rarely sold, instead being used to support the ships and crews. He built up a fleet capable of invading and looting entire planets, descending like a swarm of insects, employing overwhelming force to take what it wanted, and departing.

The Valcarian Republic charged Vargoth with piracy, flight to avoid Directorate prosecution, and conspiracy. He was the target of a 300,000-credit galaxywide bounty, a rare honor for a nonpolitical criminal. He and his crew fled to the Par'tha Expanse, where they continued their ways, preying on ships along the Kaen'anti Bypass, until the Valcarian reach extended to the expanse.

Legend says that Vargoth and his crew returned to their secret base at Darkwater, making sure all their treasure was hoarded away. Vargoth then killed all his crew to hide the loot, and disappeared from known space, never to be seen or heard from again.