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Valcari system

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Par'tha Expanse
Valcari system
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The Valcari system, later called the Imperial system, is an 11-planet system that contains trinary star grouping and the Imperial capital world of Valcaria.

This system is vulnerable to meteor showers. One of them caused the loss of an orbital station. Another shower occurred soon after.

  • System Name: Valcari
  • Indigenous Name: Enveron
  • Affiliation: Core system of the Valcarian Imperial Republic
  • System Type: Trinary: Sigma Rulan A (Type F2 II, a bright white giant) is the primary, Sigma Rulan B (Type M3 V, a bright red main-sequence) and Sigma Rulan C (Type A8 V, a light blue dwarf) orbit each other at a distance of 380 AU from Sigma Rulan A
  • Inhabited Planets: Valcaria (Valcari II) (Class M) and Arton (Valcari III) (Class L) are the main inhabited planets in the Valcari system
  • Other Planets: Dimon (Valcari I) (Class H) contains mining colonies, Flroon (Valcari IV) (Class I) and Stralto (Valcari V) (Class J) contain science ouposts on orbiting moons and platforms
  • Other Stellar Objects: Two asteroid belts, one between Valcari IX and X, and one outside the orbit of Valcari XI
  • Artificial Objects: Valcaria has four orbiting shipyards, while Arton has six. There are also between 20 and 25 colonial space stations in orbit around Sigma Rulan A at varying distances. The two outer planets have a combined 34 scientific platforms and research stations in orbit; miscellaneous smaller starbases and probes
  • System in a Sentence (SIS): The heart of the Valcarian Imperial Republic; the home system of the Valcarians.