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Member of DS26 Support Staff


E'htar Valan

Born in the small town of Baneq, in the drin (county) of Ronir, in the Kingdom of Manar on Duronis II, Valan was the oldest of two children. His parents weren't affluent, but well off enough to see that Valan and his sister Rea (short for Tarrea) never wanted for anything. Valan excelled in his academic studies, and even in several different athletic sports. His sister was never the athlete, but exhibited remarkable talent in her artistic endeavors.

In his post-secondary academic studies, Valan fell in love with the history and ancient cultures of his own world. When the Federation came to Til'ahn, Valan petitioned his institution's board of governors to be allowed to aid the "aliens" in their quest to delve into Til'ahn's past.

While Valan has a healthy respect for what is "known" of his planet's past, he is open to change. He feels that working with an reknowned historian such as Dr. Anson Robertson will ease his quest for truth. While he sometimes seemed in awe of his extraterrestrial "hero", he was more interested in his own culture and its lost secrets than in traveling to other worlds. That changed, eventually, and when Robertson left Til'ahn, Valan went with him.

He aides Dr. Robertson in anyway he can, acting as gopher, assistant, archivist, and anything else Robertson needs.