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Main Character xoet twelve

This is my main charactor here at Star Base 118. I am currently assigned to the Duronis II Embassy.

Secondary Characters !zabbo niouby! and !douet souirtes!

There are other charactors that I have included recently. The first is my lab assistant at Lab 3 his name is !zabbo niouby!. He was in the Sim labwork 101-alot a nanobots. The lab assistant for Lab 1 is called !douet souirtes!. He helped in the Sim How a tetrahedron becomes a cube.

Secondary Family Characters Siblings

xoet seven

xoet five

xoet four

xoet zero


New Character going on Jetseen, Bowrapiquis

more then a side project and ready to take on the universe, or atleast that small corner that makes it into view for ensign Jetseen.

Out Of Character

I have an off beat Blog I write to when I have time this is the link [1] There are many edits needed at the blog site but I will get to them. that is dead now.. started a new character Bowrpiquis Jetseen a synthesized human.

I also am trying very hard to quit smoking cigarettes in real life. update it is now since 1-13-1006 that I have not smoked anything. very difficult but worth while.

My real name is Bill and my aim is xoet.