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Jocelyn Marshall

Joined 9 April 2016

About the Writer

Em is a keen writer of everything from roleplaying games to work emails, and is a happily devoted Star Trek fan who joined Starbase 118 in 2016 in the middle of the night after watching a sci-fi horror film and scaring herself half to death. So far, the only ship she's been assigned to is the USS Gorkon and she would like it a great deal if that didn't change any time soon.

Writer ID: G239304JM0

Character Bank


  • USS Gorkon - The one and only ship. Pinnacle of madness. Happy times.

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Player Achievements

The (Image) Collective - Graphic Drone
Federation News Service Team - Deputy Facilitator
Training Team - Academy Trainer

Shore Leave Logs and Badges

Created for the 2395 Shore Leave to Trill.

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