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Current Out of Character Involvement

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Past Out of Character Involvement

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Main Character & Active PNPCs
Insignia Rank Character Name Duty Post Ship Posting
ColonialCoalitionMarshals.png Inspector Marshall Henning Hext Colonial Coalition Marshal Service Liason USS Veritas
04-LtCmdr-Red.png Lieutenant Commander Jansen Orrey Mission Operations/Intel and Second Officer USS Veritas
P01-ProvEns-Teal.png Provisional Ensign Giellun tr’Khev Medical Officer USS Veritas

Insignia Rank Character Name Status
E1-Crew3rd-Teal.png Crewman 3rd Class Rory INACTIVE
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian Ashlea Stasny INACTIVE
03-Lt-Red.png Lieutenant Montague Eickleberger INACTIVE
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian Kåri Ljung INACTIVE
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian Dante Vanlith Counselor's Aide

Bran Mot