USS Aurora Marine Command Centre

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The USS Aurora’s cargo bay II was converted to handle a small detachment of marines, posted there for training and search and rescue duties. The newly re-furbished cargo bay makes an excellent Marine Command Centre as it is equipped with the latest technology and gear.


CO’s Office and Briefing Room

The COs room contains a plush desk, with built in console with access to all the latest ship and federation wide news, info and intel. The large L-shaped sofa provides comfortable seating for the whole detachment in front of a large view screen. Perfect for mission briefings and de-briefings - the coffee table provides the perfect place to rest your freshly replicated drinks while viewing the holo-projector situated directly above the table.

The trophy cabinet, as you enter the room is well stocked with a variety of Klingon trophies and marine memorabilia.

Training Gear – Storage Facility

The training gear cupboard contains practice dummies, targets, hover balls, smoke generators, padded pugil sticks.

Toilet and Shower Rooms

There are male and female shower, changing rooms available. Each room contains a sonic show, toilet and sink with a small linen cupboard underneath. It is perfect for freshening up after a hard day’s training.

Training Area

The training are has 3 small holo emitters for projecting targets and various other training props. Marines also do their daily stretches, shuttle runs, basic exercises and warm ups. The marines won’t tell you this but it also makes a great dance floor…

There is also a kennel available for the squads trusty pet be it a dog, targ, seklat or other trusted companion. The spacious kennel allows the pet to get some well earned rest, food and drink while the other marines are lording it up in their “tea room.”


The armoury is a marines best friend, the entrance is secured by a level 10 forcefield and security locked doors. Inside there is a wealth of armaments and equipment.

  • Heavy Weapons:
    • TR116 Projectile (Sniper) Rifle
    • Pulse Rifles
    • Type III Phaser Rifle
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Compression Phaser Rifle

  • Hand (Melee) Weapons
  • There is an extensive range of weapons from all the major races including:
    • Swords
    • Lipra
    • Bat’Leth
    • Daggers
    • Kar’takin

  • Accessories:
    • Utility belts
    • Holsters
    • Armband Tricorders
    • PADDs
    • Head sets
    • Targeting aides
    • Timers and time delays
    • Wrist flashlights
    • Biodamper Armbands
    • Mark VII Tricorder
    • Mark VI Tricorder
    • Portable Emergency Transmitter
    • Forcefield Generator
    • Transport Inhibitor
    • Head Mounted Camera

  • Bio weaponry
    • Classified

  • Hand Phasers and Grenades:
    • Type II Phasers
    • Stun Grenades
    • High Explosive Grenade
    • Incendiary Grenades
    • Microsonic Mines
    • Explosive Compounds

There is also a spare space set aside for personal weaponry.

The “Tea Room”

The tea room has a replicator that provides food and drink for the marines, so they can all sit on their large, plush sofa watching ball games. The luxurious sofa is more than big enough to accommodate the whole squad, and there is a coffee table underneath their state of the art view screen, ready to receive their piping hot coffees.

Search and Rescue “SAR” Gear Storage

Cupboards, lockers, pull out racks and a multitude of drawers store a vast array of state of the art SAR Gear. This specialised unity has specialist gear and every bit of it is the very best available. SAR Gear Checklist:

  • Tricorders and PADDs – medical and standard.
  • First aid kits and equipment such as dermal regenerators, bone knitters, pain killers and other drugs and equipment needed to adequately treat patients at the scene.
  • Flashlights, power packs, grappling gear, heavy duty wiring and ropes, survival packs (and rations), heavy cutting gear, harnesses, underwater breathing apparatus, spades and pickaxes, flares, pattern enhancers.

Gear Lockers

Each team member has their own personal locker consisting of:

  • Personal EVA suit
  • Tactical Suit
  • Camo Gear
  • Skydive Suit
  • Spare Uniforms.