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Tyhl is an Andorian musician residing on the Vulcan capital of ShirKahr along with his bondmate Suvnak.



  • Hair colour: White
  • Eye colour: Grey
  • Height: 1.79 metres (5'8" f.)


Friend: Zimi

Spouse: Suvnak

  • Date of Birth: 233009.13
  • Age: 65
  • Species: Vulcan.
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.86 metres (6'0" f).
  • Occupation: Art teacher at the Vulcan Science Academy.

Personal History

Tyhl was born on the Andorian city of Dira, on the Voral continent. As many Andorians, Tyhl had a special liking for music, and he possessed the natural talent. When he was old enough, he applied for the planet's famous Art Academy, but he was not accepted in his first attempt, since the Academy judged his music to be very centred on a single instrument and very inflexible. Not discouraged by this, Tyhl tried to change his predetermined musical style to adjust to other instruments and genres of music. Eventually, at 21 years old, Tyhl was accepted in the Academy.

On his third year in the Art Academy, an exchange programme with other art schools from Federation planets was in action and he met Suvnak, who came from the Vulcan Science Academy's art school. They were introduced by Tyhl's friend, Zimi, who attended the same courses as Suvnak and grew to like the Vulcan, if only through his artwork and knowledge of deep topics regarding the meaning and interpretation of different kinds of art. This was Tyhl's first interaction with a Vulcan, since he had never been off-world, and the few Vulcans in the Academy usually only kept to themselves and to their studies, though rumour had it they were much more open in character than other members of their species. In any case, Tyhl had not been expecting such strange and closed mindset, and he was determined to understand it as best as he could. He experimented with the young Vulcan, including musical-only expression to try to determine where Suvnak's heart was in the emotional realm; one of the last experiments Tyhl attempted was a mind meld with Suvnak, not knowing what that form of communication meant to the Vulcan species. At first Suvnak proved reluctant, but eventually he allowed the mind meld to occur, and as both of them comprehended each other's thoughts and emotions, their bond was born, and Tyhl realised he was in love with the other man.

Suvnak seemed to be confused with the bond. He grew distant from Tyhl, which caused Tyhl's music and emotions to deteriorate. Soon, Suvnak's year on Andoria was over and he returned to Vulcan, out of reach from Tyhl's influence.

A month later, though Tyhl's music was still inspired by his misery and emptiness for losing Suvnak, he had now accepted the fact that he would know nothing more from the young Vulcan he had known for less than a year. This was proved incorrect, however, when the Vulcan in question visited the Andorian at his residence on Dira. There he confessed that he had not known what to do with his emotions, since he had never encountered that kind of feelings before, and had decided to wait until his return to Vulcan to consult his parents about the matter. He had determined for himself that a relationship with Tyhl was illogical, since no offspring could come from the pair, defying the very purpose of bonding. His parents, however, had convinced him that since their species was in no danger of extinction anytime soon, producing offspring was not mathematically obligatory for all members of the species. In addition, they had reminded Suvnak there were few things in a Vulcan life which could be guided by limited emotion if logic allowed it, and bonding with another being, even if from another species, was one of them.

Tyhl was thrilled by Suvnak's decision, but most of all, he was glad that the other man reciprocated Tyhl's feelings. They arranged to have monthly meetings on the Art Academy until Tyhl graduated the year after, and Suvnak took him to Vulcan for the first time. He began to live in Suvnak's residence in ShirKahr while the Vulcan continued his studies.They formally bonded in the Vulcan tradition the following year, since Andorian customs were more complex and did not allow two-people bonds. Tyhl continued his production of new music, inspired by his joy and love.

Three years after his graduation from the Art Academy he finished his training to be able to teach certain courses at the Vulcan Science Academy. He's been teaching there ever since.

Chronological History

  1. 234108.24 Dira, Andoria - Born
  2. 236309.01 Lor'Tan, Andoria - Enters Andoria's Art Academy.
  3. 236511.23 Lor'Tan, Andoria - Introduced to Suvnak by Zimi.
  4. 236607.13 Dira, Andoria - Suvnak returns from Vulcan.
  5. 236706.30 Lor'Tan, Andoria - Graduates from Andor's Art Academy.
  6. 236707.06 ShirKahr, Vulcan - Moves in with Suvnak.
  7. 236803.17 ShirKahr, Vulcan - Is formally bonded to Suvnak.
  8. 237008.14 ShirKahr, Vulcan - Begins teaching at the Vulcan Science Academy.