Torlek Smith

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Torlek Smith


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: First Officer
  • Ship: USS Grace Hopper
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

  • Full Name: Torlek Smith, son of Chang of House Torlek
  • Race: Klingon
  • DoB: 236602.11
  • Age: 33
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Qo’noS, Torlek Family Estate


  • Father: Chang, son of Trolek of House Torlek
  • Mother: Otha, daughter of Poktral of House Galt'NaH (deceased)
  • Stepmother: Irene Smith
  • Siblings: Simon Chang Smith (half brother) and Claire Charna Smith (half sister)
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none


  • Height: 2,03 mt
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Muscular

Physical Description

Torlek has all the physical traits of a klingon, although amongst his kind he is considered slim built. His forehead ridges are smoother with a clear shape that ends up in his nose. From there the grow more prominent until they reach his forehead. His beard is short and trimmed, as by regulation standards, and his small lips look usually wider, since there is always a grin or a smile in them. With dark hair Torlek keeps it in one thick braid that goes down his back. Not easily noticed he has a scar on his left forearm and he is missing two toes in his left foot.

Personality & Traits

General Overview: Torlek is a well mannered, social, friendly and driven officer. Due to his past and education he is still a bit split, and although he claims to the four winds his issues are all settled, that might not be so. More often than he wants to admit he is still confronted with being too Klingon to be Human, and acting too Human to be Klingon. He always drove himself to make his own path, and the one thing he prided himself on learning from his foster planet was humor. Torlek enjoys a good laugh, and given the proper circumstances he quickly becomes the ship's practical joker. However, he is a serious officer and when the time comes to pull up his sleeves and do the job he does it without hesitation and efficiently. He does not roll up sleeves literally, as he doesn’t let just anyone see him barefoot. The scar in his forearm and the lack of two toes makes him a bit self conscious of his figure

Strengths & Weaknesses: Torlek has an open mind, and easily sees through things from almost all perspectives. He is passionate about the tasks he dives into, curious and dedicated. Always with a joke ready he knows how to behave himself and can be quiet and reserved if needed.

Torleks greatest weakness is his stubbornness. If he is centered in a one track action he becomes almost fanatical about it. Related to that he can be very impulsive, and although to his credit he avoids it as much as possible, if things become physical he is difficult to stop.

Ambitions: Torlek is more focused on personal growth than really achieving a promising career. He wishes to explore and make his own path across the Universe

Hobbies & Interests: Social games, anything that involves playing and interacting with others. He is a huge fan of board games, like 3D chess,scrabble and mimicking games, even though he is a lousy player and loses most of the time. He likes to exercise, but avoids physical and combat training. He is an artist, a talented painter and sculptor. He has some marginal interest in History and Archeology. Also

Language(s) Spoken: Federation standard. He doesn’t speak klingonese, only knowing a couple of expressions and words.


Torlek was born in the Klingon capital in 2366, son of Chang and Otha, from the discrete yet renown House Torlek. His grandfather was a famous Captain and “compagnon de route of chancellor K’Mpek ever since their days in Klingon Academy. After his grandfather was considered lost his father inherited the House, and was a close advisor to K’Mpek, although not yet a member of the High Council. In the last years of K’Mpek rule Chang became close to Gowron and when war broke after K’Mpek’s death Chang joined Gowron against House Duras.

Torlek estate was attacked and Torlek’s mother died protecting him. Still a child he was cared for with Gowron’s family as his father joined the front line. After Gowron’s victory Chang, fully avenged but also heartbroken, asked to be stationed on Earth in the Klingon embassy. Deciding to keep himself away from the Empire’s political intrigues, and focusing on raising his son, he sold the remaining lands and broke all ties with Qo’noS.

Torlek was thus raised very differently. His father never hid the Klingon tradicional values from him, but always put an effort on widening his horizons. The fact that he began a long relationship with a human, with whom he eventually married, helped. Irene took Torlek under her wing, and to all but blood, she was truly his mother Torlek had a regular school career, he had good grades but didn’t find an area where he would excel. He liked Art, and fomented by Irene’s appreciation he went to Art school. He excelled at drawing and painting, and had an acceptable hand for sculpting. But he was also inspired by his father's work, as an attaché at the Klingon Embassy. He began to find a fascination with the art of diplomacy.

On considering his future studies he began to think of enrolling at Starfleet Academy, aiming for a career at the Diplomatic Corps. He successfully entered and managed to diligently follow the course, ending up on the top ten of his class.